Boeing Secures Contract to Develop Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)

While most known for building commercial airliners like the 737, Boeing is a major player in underwater submersibles. In fact, it was just awarded a contract to develop four new autonomous submarines for the U.S. Navy. Under the agreement, Boeing … Read More

How Autopilot Works In Modern-Day Airplanes

It’s not uncommon for modern-day airplanes — especially larger commercial airplanes — to have an autopilot system. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics behind autopilot systems, you’re probably well aware of their fundamental purpose: to control the airplane without … Read More

Will Airbus Stop Producing the A380?

Originally introduced Oct. 25, 2007 with Singapore Airlines, the A380 is Airbus’s latest family of commercial jets. Featuring two decks and four engines, it’s touted as being the world’s largest commercial airliner, giving Airbus a competitive advantage over its top … Read More

Why Do Airplanes Leave a White Smoke Trail in Their Wake?

When you look up the sky on a clear and sunny day, you may see white smoke trails left behind by passing airplanes. Most people have seen these white smoke trails — they’ve become synonymous with airplanes. Unless you’re familiar … Read More

Boeing Still Contemplating Whether to Launch New Mid-Sized Jet

Boeing is still considering whether to launch a new mid-sized jet. Earlier this month, the aerospace manufacturing giant said it hadn’t made a decision yet. Market analysts were initially predicting that Boeing will release the new mid-sized jet to probe … Read More

AHA Holdings Orders 30 Planes From Boeing

ANA Holdings has placed an order for an additional 30 planes from Boeing. The The Japanese commercial airline company has already ordered 20 planes from Boeing, but earlier this month, it announced plans to purchase 30 additional 737 MAX 8s … Read More

Boeing Completes First Test Flight of Flying Taxi

The concept of flying taxis has been presented in countless science-fiction movies and novels, but Boeing is one step closer to turning this bold idea into a reality. Earlier this month, the aerospace manufacturing giant announced that it had successfully … Read More

Why Are So Many Airplanes Painted White?

The next time you fly, look outside at the airport’s tarmac and you’ll probably discover that most of the airplanes waiting to take off have a white frame. Although there are exceptions, white is the predominant color in which airplane … Read More

Aireon to Develop Plane-Tracking Satellite Network

Statistics show that flying is inherently safer than driving. For every 1 billion passengers who travel via a commercial airliner, only 7.2 fatalities occur. In fact, there were zero passenger fatalities reported in the commercial airline industry in 2017. Some … Read More