What Is Avionics?

Have you heard of avionics? Whether you work in the aviation industry, or if you’re a recreational pilot, you may come across this term. The term “avionics” was originally coined by Phillip Klass during the mid-1900s. Since then, it has … Read More

5 Facts About Electrical Switches and How They Work

Are you familiar with the mechanics of electrical switches? From computers and TVs to flight instruments and interactive touchscreens, nearly all types of electronics contain switches. These integrated devices are responsible for controlling the flow of electricity. Here are five … Read More

Why Airplanes Use Dry Cabin Air

Ever wonder why the cabin air inside of a typical commercial jet is so dry? Some commercial jets have a relative humidity level of 20%, whereas others have a relative humidity level of just 5%. To put those numbers into … Read More

Understanding the Parts of an Airplane Fuel System

Ever wonder how the fuel system works on an airplane? Most airplanes run on fuel. They use a specific type of kerosene with a lower freezing point and a higher flash point than that of traditional gasoline. Airplane fuel systems, … Read More

How to Choose Lock Washers

To protect nuts and bolts from loosening, you may want to use lock washers. Washers, of course, are designed to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. You can place a washer around a threaded fastener, such as a bolt, … Read More

The 3 Types of Airspeed Explained

Are you familiar with the different types of airspeed? While cars, trucks and other vehicles on the road typically have a single speed metric, airplanes have several speed metrics. They include indicated airspeed (AIS), true airspeed (TAS) and ground speed … Read More

6 Facts About Airplane Stabilizers

Stabilizers are an important part of most airplanes. Located on the tail assembly, they live up to their namesake by providing stability. Stabilizers are essentially aerodynamic surfaces that stabilize the airplanes with which they are used. Here are six facts … Read More

The Pros and Cons of a T-Tail Empennage

T-tail empennages are undoubtedly popular. They are characterized by their T-shape design consisting of a single vertical stabilizer and a horizontal stabilizer. All airplanes have an empennage. Also known as the tail assembly, it’s the structure on the back of … Read More

How to Choose Loop Clamps

Loop clamps are commonly used to secure hoses around fittings. They consist of a single, solid piece of metal that’s shaped like a loop. At the base of a loop clamp is a pair of prongs. To install a loop … Read More