An Introduction to Leading Edge Extensions in Airplanes

Not all airplanes have plain, smooth leading edges. Whether it’s a commercial jet or a small private airliner, many of them feature leading edge extensions. What are leading edge extensions exactly, and how do they work in airplanes? What Are … Read More

What Are Aircraft Rivets Made Of?

Rivets are one of the most common types of fasteners used in the production of airplanes. They are designed to permanently join multiple parts. You can find rivets on the fuselage, wings, tail, nose and other places of a typical … Read More

6 Common Myths About Autopilot

The advent of autopilot systems has revolutionized the way in which pilots control airplanes. Autopilot systems are computer systems that, as you may know, are designed to automatically control airplanes. While autopilot sounds self-explanatory, though, there are several common myths … Read More

What Are Grease Fittings?

Have you heard of grease fittings? They are commonly used on aircraft bearings. Bearings can wear down over time. As they restrict or constrain the motion of the parts with which they are used, bearings will be exposed to friction. … Read More

TAT vs SAT vs ISA Air Temperatures: What’s the Difference

Pilots don’t rely on a single metric to determine the temperature of the air outside of an airplane. Most cockpits display several different air temperatures, including total air temperature (TAT), static air temperature (SAT) and International Standard Atmospheric (ISA) temperature … Read More

How to Choose Ring Terminals

Ring terminals offer a simple and effective way to connect electrical wires to circuit points. Also known as ring connectors, they are characterized by the use of a ring-shaped conductive stud. After securing an electrical wire to the opposite end, … Read More

Electrical Tape: How Is It Different From Regular Tape?

You shouldn’t use general-purpose tape on wires. Wires carry electricity. When exposed to electricity, general-purpose tape may melt or ignite. For wires and other electrical applications, there’s no better choice than electrical tape. What Is Electrical Tape? Electrical tape is … Read More

What Are Braced Wings on Airplanes?

Wings are an essential part of all airplanes. In the field of aeronautics, they are airfoil structures that generate lift. As air flows over and under an airplane’s wings they’ll generate lift. Lift, of course, is the invisible force that … Read More

Flat vs Dimpled Washers: What’s the Difference?

When shopping for washers, you may come across flat and dimpled washers. They are two of the most common types of washers. Flat and dimpled washers are both disc-shaped fasteners, and they are both used to distribute the load of … Read More