Why Do Jet Engines Open Up on the Runway?

If you’ve ever watched commercial airliners land on a runway, you may recall seeing their engines open up. There are door-like panels on the sides of jet engines. While these panels typically remain closed during takeoffs, they open during landings. … Read More

5 Facts About Airplane Cabins

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What Are Rudder Pedals and How Do They Work?

Airplanes may not have gas pedals like those found in automobiles, but they do have rudder pedals. Both the pilot and copilot typically have their own pair of rudder pedals. As the name suggests, these specialized pedals are used to … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Solid Rivets

Solid rivets are one of the most common types of mechanical fasteners used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Like all rivets, they are designed to resist external forces, such as vibrations. Solid rivets, however, feature a solid construction that distinguishes … Read More

What Are Dihedral Angles in Aviation?

Have you heard of dihedral angles? Most commercial airplanes don’t have completely flat and straight wings. When looking at the tarmac on your next flight, you may notice that they have curved wings. This curvature is represented by a dihedral … Read More

What Are Insulating Electrical Washers?

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Can Airplanes Fly in Snow?

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The Beginner’s Guide to Cupped Washers

When shopping for washers, you may come across cupped washers. They are commonly used to distribute the load of threaded fasteners. Rather than only using a nut and bolt to secure two parts, for instance, you can use a cupped … Read More

What Are High-Pressure Shock Strut Valves?

High-pressure shock strut valves play an important role in many aircraft landing gear systems. Like with other valves, they are designed to control the flow of substances. While other valves control fluids, though, high-pressure shock strut valves control gas or … Read More