Understanding the Ignition Switch and How It Works

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The Beginner’s Guide to Cable Shackles

When using cables to lift or tow objects, you may want to invest in a shackle. Connecting a cable directly to an object can result in damage. Due to friction, either the cable or the object itself may sustain damage. … Read More

Understanding the Throttle and How It Works

The throttle is one of the most important control mechanisms in an airplane. Also known as a throttle lever, it allows pilots to adjust the engine power. Pilots can increase or decrease an engine’s power by pushing or pulling the … Read More

Wide-Area Washers: Everything You Should Know

Washers play an important role in protecting equipment and related parts from damage. These ring-shaped fasteners are designed to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. Rather than placing a bolt directly through the equipment or parts, you can use … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to AGC Fuses

Fuses play an important role in protecting electronic devices from overcurrent-related damage. From appliances and light fixtures to flight instruments and radios, most electronic devices can only handle so much electricity. Overcurrent is a phenomenon in which the current to … Read More

Crazing: A Common Problem With Aircraft Windows

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5 Fast Facts About Cotter Pins

Cotter pins offer a simple and effective fastening solution. As shown in the adjacent photo, they consist of a narrow, U-shaped piece of metal. Cotter pins are designed for use in rods or bolts. Assuming there’s a hole through the … Read More

Why Commercial Airliners Have Oxygen Masks

Ever wonder why commercial airliners have oxygen masks? Before taking off, a flight attendant will typically conduct a safety demonstration. He or she will tell passengers to fasten their seatbelt, secure their luggage and place their table trays in the … Read More

What Are Reducer Bushings and How Do They Work?

When shopping for aerospace pipe fittings, you may come across reducer bushings. They look like most other fittings. Reducer bushings have threading that allows them to connect two pipes. Only reducer bushings, however, shrink or “reduce” the diameter of the … Read More