What Are Pressure Hoses?

Pressure hoses are commonly used in airplanes. From light aircraft to twin-aisle wide-body aircraft, many airplanes feature them in their construction. Pressure hoses may look like ordinary fluid-carrying hoses, but they are designed specifically for use with pressurized systems. The … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing RF Connectors

Are you looking to buy radio frequency (RF) connectors? As the name suggests, RF connectors are designed for RF transmission applications. They support multi-megahertz radio frequencies, such as those used for aviation communication systems. While all RF connectors support RF … Read More

Air Brakes: How Airplanes Slow Down When Flying

Ever wonder how airplanes slow down when flying? Faster isn’t always better. If an airplane is approaching a runway, it may need to slow down. While different types of airplanes feature different braking systems, many of them use air brakes. … Read More

What Are Self-Locking Nuts?

Nuts are commonly used in conjunction with threaded fasteners to join multiple parts together. You can use them with bolts, for instance. Nuts have internal threading that supports mating with the external threading of bolts. Over time, however, nuts may … Read More

An Introduction to Wet Wing Airplanes

Wet wing airplanes are on the rise. They are used in both military and civilian aviation. Many narrow-body and wide-body civilian airliners, in fact, use a wet wing design. What Is a Wet Wing Airplane? A wet wing airplane is … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Nylon Washers

Not all washers are made of metal. While you can certainly find washers made of aluminum, steel, brass and other types of metals and alloys, washers are available in nylon. Nylon washers are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. … Read More

How Airplanes Prevent Their Fuel Tanks From Freezing

Airplanes must take precautions to prevent their fuel tanks from freezing. If ice forms inside of an airplane’s fuel tank, it may starve the engine or engines. Turbine engines require jet fuel. Without a constant supply of jet fuel, they … Read More

What Is a STOL Airplane?

There are other types of airplanes besides narrow body and wide body. Short takeoff and landing (STOL), for instance, is an alternative type. Most STOL airplanes are still classified as narrow-body airplanes. But STOL airplanes are designed specifically for use … Read More

Do Airplanes Need Air Filters?

Air filters are a common part of most automobiles. Cars, trucks, SUVs are other automobiles typically feature multiple air filters. While available in different types, all air filters are designed to remove particulate matter from the air. As air travels … Read More