The Beginner’s Guide to Control Cables

Control cables play an important role in the function of nearly all types of airplanes. They are used in flight control systems. There are primary and secondary flight control systems. Pilots can engage these flight control systems from the cockpit. … Read More

The Importance of Cabin Air Filters in Airplanes

Cabin air filters are commonly used in private and commercial airplanes alike. The Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, for instance, feature a pair of cabin air filters. Passengers won’t be able to see them. Nonetheless, the cabin air filters will … Read More

What Is Aerospace Speed Tape and What Is It Used For?

Airplanes aren’t immune to damage. When flying at speeds of 400 to 600 mph, they are exposed to significant stress. Over time, this can weaken or even crack parts of their airframe. Speed tape is available, however, to perform on-the-spot … Read More

The Importance of Airplane Paint

Ever wonder why airplanes are painted? At an altitude of 30,000 feet, most people won’t see an airplane’s exterior. Therefore, conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that paint isn’t necessarily. Aside from aesthetics, though, airplanes require paint for other … Read More

Monroe Engineering Products Announces Rebrand

Monroe Engineering Products announced today that is has completed rebranding Rochester Hills, MI—May 11, 2022— Monroe Engineering Products, a leading manufacturer and distributor of hardware, electrical components, rubber & sealing, and cables & harnesses, has completed an extensive rebranding effort … Read More

The Importance of Firewalls in Airplanes

Firewalls aren’t limited to automobiles. While you can find them in cars, trucks and other automobiles, they are commonly used in airplanes as well. Firewalls are an important part of most airplanes. They act as barriers between an airplane’s engines … Read More

An Introduction to Clevis Pins: What You Should Know

Airplanes often require special types of fasteners. While most airplanes still have bolts, many of them have clevis pins as well. Clevis pins are fasteners that, like other types of fasteners, are used to secure parts. They don’t feature threading, … Read More

5 Facts About Cupped Washers

Washers come in a variety of styles. While nearly all of them consist of a ring-shaped piece of metal, some of them are slightly raised. Cupped washers, for instance, have a raised and canonical design. They aren’t completely flat like … Read More

Thimbles: How to Reinforce Cable Eyelets With a Thimble

When connecting a cable to an anchor point, you should consider using a thimble. Cables are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Connecting a cable directly to an anchor point, however, may result in damage. Cables can fray when … Read More