Plug Doors: How Airplane Doors Seal Themselves

Plug doors are a common part of many airplanes. When boarding an airplane, passengers will typically enter through a plug door. Airplanes may contain other types of doors. Cargo doors, for instance, feature a different design. Nonetheless, plug doors provide … Read More

An Introduction to Aviation Grease: What You Need to Know

When working on airplanes, you may need to use aviation grease. Airplanes are complex vehicles with thousands of individual parts. Some wide-body commercial airplanes, in fact, have over a half-million parts. But even small airplanes have a lot of parts. … Read More

Why Nitrogen Is Used to Fill Airplane Tires

Airplanes feature inflated tires that are able to absorb the shock of landing on a runway. Unlike the tires on cars and trucks, though, they aren’t inflated with air. Most airplanes feature nitrogen-inflated tires. Nitrogen gas is pumped into the … Read More

What Are Tube Cutters and How Do They Work?

Tubes are often used to carry water and other fluids through airplanes. When building an airplane, you’ll typically need to install tubes. Cutting tubes, of course, can be difficult without the right tool. While it’s possible to cut polyvinyl chloride … Read More

An Introduction to Turn and Slip Indicators

Airplanes are equipped with a variety of flight instruments. In the cockpit, most airplanes have a turn and slip indicator. It’s part of the “six pack.” The term “six pack” refers to a collection of a half-dozen flight instruments for … Read More

How to Choose Clevis Pins

Are you looking to buy clevis pins? Clevis pins offer a convenient alternative to traditional fasteners like bolts and rivets. As shown in the adjacent photo, they feature a flat head and a cylindrical shank. Near the bottom of the … Read More

What Is Tailwheel-Type Landing Gear?

When researching some of the different types of landing gear, you may encounter tailwheel. All airplanes require landing gear. Typically consisting of wheels, shocks and brakes, it allows airplanes to safely land. While some airplanes use tricycle-type landing gear, though, … Read More

What Are Solid Rivets?

Airplanes contain many different fasteners. A typical Boeing 747, in fact, has over 3 million fasteners on average. While some of them are temporary fasteners that can be removed, others are permanent fasteners. Airplanes are often designed with hollow or … Read More

Air Cycle Machines: How Airplanes Regulate Cabin Air

Most airplanes rely on air cycle machines to regulate the air inside of their respective cabin. Some airplanes have two air cycle machines, whereas others have three or more air cycle machines. With air cycle machines, passengers won’t have to … Read More