How to Choose Bonding Jumpers

You can’t ignore the importance of bonding jumpers when building an airplane. Also known as bonding cables, they are used to create a safe pathway for electricity. Electricity typically travels through the path of least resistance. With their highly conductive … Read More

Cowl Flaps: A Simple But Effective Cooling Solution for Engines

Airplanes typically require a cooling mechanism for their engine or engines. As they burn a mixture of fuel and air, they will produce heat as a byproduct. If left unchecked, this heat can cause catastrophic damage. While most cars and … Read More

What Is Aspect Ratio in Aircraft Design and Why Does It Matter?

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5 Common Types of Rivet Guns

Rivets are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Consisting of a mandrel and head, they are permanent fasteners that protect against vibration-related loosening. While you can install some types of rivets using a hammer, others require a special tool … Read More

The Benefits of LED Lighting: What You Should Know

Light-emitting diode (LED) has become an increasingly popular lighting technology. It’s used in both commercial and consumer lighting applications. Unlike incandescent lighting, LED lighting doesn’t feature a wire filament. LED is a type of electroluminescent lighting that generates light in … Read More

Exploring the Parts of a Clevis Fastener

Clevis fasteners are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. These multipart fasteners allow engineers to quickly and easily secure components. Unlike blind rivets, they don’t require any special tools to install. Clevis fasteners can also be removed to release … Read More

6 Facts About Airplane Paint

Paint isn’t used strictly for commercial logos and branding on airplanes. Whether it’s a narrow body or wide body, all airplanes require paint to protect them from the elements. It serves as a physical barrier, protecting the underlying fuselage materials … Read More

Flange Nuts vs Plain Hex Nuts: What’s the Difference?

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What Is Flight Level in Aviation?

The field of aviation encompasses some rather confusing concepts, one of which is flight level. Many people assume that flight level is just another term used to describe an airplane’s altitude. While they both represent how high an airplane is, … Read More