5 Benefits of Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Fasteners aren’t limited to nuts and bolts. There are many other types of fasteners available, such as quarter-turn fasteners. Also known as quick-release fasteners, they are easy to use. You can quickly install them, and you can quickly remove them. … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Aviation Grease

Not all greases are made equally. Some of them are intended specifically for airplanes and other types of aircraft. Known as aviation grease, it can withstand the elements while offering a high level of protection against friction and corrosion. What … Read More

Anti-Shock Bodies: An Introduction to These Pod-Shaped Attachments

If you’ve ever seen a photo of the Covnair 900 (depicted in the adjacent photo) or the Fokker 100, you may notice that the top of the wings aren’t completely flat. Both of these airplanes have several pod-shaped attachments on … Read More

How Helicopters Protect Against Wire Strikes

Wire strikes are a concern for helicopters. According to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), they account for nearly 6% of all single-turbine helicopter accidents and a little over 4% of all twin-turbine helicopter accidents. Wire strikes often involve power … Read More

What Are Close Tolerance Bolts?

Close tolerance bolts are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. They are threaded fasteners that feature a shank and head. The shank is threaded, thus allowing them to be driven into a threaded hole. Close tolerance bolts, however, are … Read More

Aircraft Aluminum: What’s the Difference Between 7178-T6 and 7079-T6?

When researching the different types of aircraft aluminum, you may come across 7178-T6 and 7079-T6. Aluminum is often used in the construction of airplanes. Roughly 80% of a typical Boeing 737, in fact, consists of aluminum. Airplanes don’t use ordinary aluminum, … Read More

Landing Lights: Helping Pilots With Nighttime Landings

A typical commercial airplane features several types of exterior lights. In addition to tax lights, for instance, most of them feature landing lights. When preparing to land at night, pilots will use these lights to improve their visibility. What Are … Read More

Ring vs Spade Terminals: What’s the Difference?

The electrical wires used in airplanes are often fitted with a terminal. Terminals are used to “terminate” an electrical wire. After installing a terminal on an electrical wire, you can connect the wire to the appropriate equipment or system. There … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Airplane Spoilers

When most people think of spoilers, they envision the wing-like appendages on the back of cars. Many cars, particularly sports cars, feature a spoiler. By incorporating this aerodynamic appendage into their design, they benefit from improved braking at high speeds … Read More