Worm Gear Clamps vs Spring Clamps: What’s the Difference?

Hoses are commonly used in both automobiles and airplanes. Consisting of rubber tubes, they are designed to carry liquid — coolant, oil, etc. — to different parts. When connecting a hose to a part, though, a clamp may be required. … Read More

Boeing to Launch Satellite-Based Internet Service

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How Airplanes Recharge Their Batteries During Flight

Batteries are an important part of most airplanes. Even if an airplane has combustion jet engines, it will likely feature a set of batteries. The Boeing 747, for instance, is equipped with two batteries. One of these batteries serves as … Read More

What Is a Propelling Nozzle on Airplanes?

Have you heard of propelling nozzles? They are commonly found on airplanes. Airplanes that feature one or more jet engines will typically have a propelling nozzle for each of their respective engines. Without this component, they wouldn’t be able to … Read More

Airspeed Indicator vs Vertical Speed Indicator: What’s the Difference?

Flight instruments are found in all airplanes. From the moment they take off to when they finally land at their destination, pilots must monitor and analyze flight data. Doing so is necessary to ensure a safe flight. While some airplanes … Read More

Blind Rivets: How They Work and Why They Are Used in Airplanes

Airplanes are complex vehicles that require many different parts to manufacture. Some reports, in fact, suggest that a typical Boeing 747 contains roughly 6 million parts. While some of these parts are structural panels, others are fasteners. Blind rivets are … Read More

Who Were the Wright Brothers?

In the world of aviation, the Wright Brothers are arguably the most iconic and impactful duo. Even if your knowledge of aviation is limited, you’ve probably heard of them. They were responsible for designing, building and flying the world’s first … Read More

6 Common Types of Airplane Wingtips

Wings are an essential part of an airplane. All airplanes have wings. As flight control surfaces, wings are responsible for production lift, which keeps airplanes in the air. Most airplanes, however. don’t have flat wings. When inspecting the ends of … Read More

History of the Boeing 777x

The 777x is the latest series of Boeing’s signature 777 family. It consists of several variants, including the 777-8, the 777-9, the 777-10 and the BBJ 777X. All of these variants are part of the 777x series, which are wide-body … Read More