How to Choose Retaining Rings

Are you looking to buy retaining rings? As you may know, retaining rings are ring-shaped fasteners. They are designed for use with shafts or bores. You can install retaining rings over a shaft or inside of a bore. Retaining rings … Read More

What is a Mode Control Panel?

Airplanes are equipped with a variety of instruments and controls in the cockpit, one of the most important being a mode control panel. Most commercial airplanes feature a mode control panel. During flight, pilots will use it to control their … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Hose Clamps

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An Introduction to Bleed Air in Airplanes

Airplanes need air for a variety of purposes. Fortunately, they can get this air from their engines. Known as bleed air, engines will generate it naturally. Airplanes don’t have to use separate devices or systems to generate air. As long … Read More

How to Choose Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws are commonly used in the construction of airplanes. According to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), most airplanes contain sheet metal in their construction. Assembling sheet metal, of course, requires the use of fasteners. There are sheet metal … Read More

What Are Fluting Pliers?

Building an airplane requires the right tools. Fluting tools, for instance, are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Nearly all airplanes feature multiple sheets of metal or alloy. With a pair of fluting pliers, you can create flutes in … Read More

Wide-Body Airplanes: Everything You Need to Know

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What Is a Turbofan?

Turbofans are one of the most common types of jet engines. They are propulsion systems that burn fuel and air. From the Boeing 787 to the Airbus A850, some of the world’s most popular commercial airliners are powered by turbofans. … Read More

What Are Propeller Coatings?

If you own a turboprop airplane, you may want to invest in a propeller coating. Turboprops aren’t powered by jet engines. For propulsion, they use one or more motor-driven propellers. A motor will turn the propellers so that the airplane … Read More