5 Facts About Speed Tape

Need to make a quick repair to a noncritical aerospace part? Speed tape may offer a solution. It’s a special type of heavy-duty tape that’s designed for high-speed vehicles, including airplanes. Below are five facts about speed tape and how … Read More

Use Cable Cutters, Not a Knife, for Cable

You shouldn’t use a knife to cut cable. Instead, you should use cable cutters. Cable cutters offer a safer, easier way to cut through otherwise thick wire rope. What Are Cable Cutters? Cable cutters are handheld cutting tools that are … Read More

What Are Aircraft Control Cables?

Control cables are used extensively in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Many airplanes, as well as other types of aircraft, feature them. Also known as flight control cables, they are linkage systems that control the parts to which they are connected. … Read More

How to Prevent Galling With Fasteners

When using fasteners to build an airplane, you should take precautions to prevent galling. Fasteners are commonly used in the construction of airplanes. A typical Boeing 747 has over 3 million fasteners. Regardless of the specific type of airplane with … Read More

Rivets vs Clevis Pins: What’s the Difference?

When shopping for fasteners, you may come across rivets and clevis pins. They are commonly used in the aerospace industry. Many aerospace manufacturing companies use rivets and clevis pins to secure parts together. What are rivets and clevis pins exactly, … Read More

How to Choose the Right Spring Pins

Are you looking to buy spring pins? Spring pins offer a quick and easy way to secure parts. Also known as tension pins, they are cylindrical-shaped fasteners. Spring pins are designed specifically for use in holes with a smaller diameter. … Read More

Wing Flaps: How They Affect Takeoffs and Landings

Ever notice hinge-like surfaces on the edges of an airplane’s wings? Known as wing flaps, they can affect flight forces like lift and drag. Most wing flaps are found on the trailing edge of an airplane’s wings. Pilots can activate … Read More

Butt Splice Connectors vs Ring Terminals: What’s the Difference?

Butt splice connectors and ring terminals are commonly used in aircraft electrical systems. They are small accessories that attach to wires. Butt splice connectors and ring terminals, however, are used for different purposes. What Are Butt Splice Connectors? Butt splice … Read More

What Are Capped Nutplates?

When shopping for nutplates, you may come across capped nutplates. Also known as anchor plates, nutplates serve as anchor points for threaded fasteners. You can rivet or otherwise secure a nutplate in place, after which you can connect the end … Read More