What Is Avionics?

Have you heard of avionics? Whether you work in the aviation industry, or if you’re a recreational pilot, you may come across this term. The term “avionics” was originally coined by Phillip Klass during the mid-1900s. Since then, it has … Read More

5 Facts About Electrical Switches and How They Work

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Anti-Shock Bodies: An Introduction to These Pod-Shaped Attachments

If you’ve ever seen a photo of the Covnair 900 (depicted in the adjacent photo) or the Fokker 100, you may notice that the top of the wings aren’t completely flat. Both of these airplanes have several pod-shaped attachments on … Read More

What Are Aircraft Rivets Made Of?

Rivets are one of the most common types of fasteners used in the production of airplanes. They are designed to permanently join multiple parts. You can find rivets on the fuselage, wings, tail, nose and other places of a typical … Read More

6 Common Myths About Autopilot

The advent of autopilot systems has revolutionized the way in which pilots control airplanes. Autopilot systems are computer systems that, as you may know, are designed to automatically control airplanes. While autopilot sounds self-explanatory, though, there are several common myths … Read More

What Are Spring-Loaded Jack Locks?

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OneMonroe Announces Move to Accommodate Accelerated Growth

Rochester Hills, MI— June 14, 2022–OneMonroe, a leading manufacturer and distributor of hardware, electrical components, rubber & sealing, and cables & harnesses, is pleased to announce that it will be moving from its current location to 25651 Fort Meigs – … Read More