Cabin Configurations: Understanding Seat Classes and What They Mean

Are you familiar with the different seat classes? Depending on the particular type of commercial airliner, you may be able to choose from up to four seat classes. Seat classes govern the airliner’s cabin configuration. Depending on how the cabin is designed — specifically in relation to the number and size of the seats — the airliner may feature the following seat classes.

Economy Class

Economy class is the cheapest seat class. Also known as coach, economy class seats are typically located in the rear of the airliner. They offer less legroom and fewer amenities than other seat classes.

Premium Economy

Some airliners offer premium economy seats as well. As the name suggests, they are a step up from traditional economy class seats. Premium economy seats cost more than traditional economy class seats, but they are wider and more spacious. This makes them an attractive choice for long-distance flights.

Business Class

Another common seat class is business. Originally introduced in the late 1970s, it’s an intermediate level of service. Business class is higher than economy and premium class but lower than other classes.

Business class seats are particularly comfortable — more so than their economy and premium economy counterparts. Some of them feature a reclining function that allows passengers to lean back by up to 160 degrees. Other business class seats can lie fully flat. Regardless, business class seats place an emphasis on passenger comfort.

First Class

At the top of the cabin configuration totem pole is first class. First class seats are the most expensive. Most first class tickets cost over twice as much as economy class tickets. With that said, they offer an unmatched level of comfort.

First class seats are typically located near the front of the airplane. In addition to being more spacious, they offer amenities that aren’t found in other seat classes. Passengers with first class tickets, for instance, may be able to access lounges, or they may be provided premium beverages, meals and snacks at no additional charge.

In Conclusion

Seat classes provide passengers with a range of options, striking a balance between comfort and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re in search of additional legroom or premium amenities, you should consider the seat class when buying a ticket. Commercial airlines have customized their services to meet the varied needs of travelers. Some of the most common seat classes offered by them include economy, premium economy, business and first class.

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