How Fuse Boxes Work in Airplanes

Fuses are commonly used in the electrical systems of airplanes. Up until the mid-1960s, in fact, they were the primary form of protection for electrical devices in airplanes. While many modern airplanes now feature circuit breakers, fuse boxes aren’t obsolete. … Read More

How Airplane Engines Are Cooled

All combustion engines generate heat when running — and airplane engines are no exception. They work by igniting fuel and air in a combustion chamber. As these substances burn, heat is generated. While airplane engines can withstand some heat, too … Read More

History of the Boeing 777x

The 777x is the latest series of Boeing’s signature 777 family. It consists of several variants, including the 777-8, the 777-9, the 777-10 and the BBJ 777X. All of these variants are part of the 777x series, which are wide-body … Read More

5 Facts About the Airbus A318

Have you heard of the A318? Designed and manufactured by Airbus, it’s a narrow-body airliner. The A318 is part of Airbus’ A320 family. It’s used in the fleets of dozens of commercial airlines, both in the United States and abroad. … Read More

Airbus to Develop New A350 Variant

Airbus has announced plans to develop a new variant of its A350 family. As you may know, the A350 is a wide-body commercial jet. It was introduced in 2015 with Qatar Airways. Since then, it’s been used by some of … Read More

5 Facts About the Boeing Atlas V

Have you heard of the Atlas V? It’s the fifth version of Boeing’s expendable rocket-based launch system. The first Atlas V flight was conducted in 2002, with the most recent flight occurring in 2021. Even if you’re familiar with the … Read More

An Introduction to the Airbus A220

Airbus has made a name for itself in the aerospace manufacturing industry. In 2020, it surpassed Boeing to become the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer. Airbus now produces and delivers more airplanes than all other aerospace manufacturers. One of the latest … Read More

5 Facts About the Boeing 777x

With the company’s 737 MAX still grounded, Boeing is working around the clock to complete the 777X. The latest generation of long-range, wide-body commercial jets developed by Boeing, the 777X is expected to shake up the commercial aviation industry. Because … Read More

5 Practical Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Do you feel fatigued after long flights? If so, you could be suffering from jet lag. Also known as time change syndrome, it’s a common psychological condition that occurs during long flights. With jet lag, your body’s internal clock — … Read More