What Are Push-On Retainers?

Threaded fasteners don’t always stay in assemblies. They can fall or otherwise work their way out of assemblies. A simple solution is to use push-on retainers. Push-on retainers are retaining rings that slide over the shaft of a threaded fastener. … Read More

5 Common Types of Trim Devices on Airplanes

Many airplanes feature trim devices. A trim device is an adjustable flight control surface that allows pilots to change the aerodynamic forces to which the airplane is exposed. With trim devices, pilots won’t have to constantly apply pressure to control … Read More

How Jet Engines Use O-Rings

O-rings are an important part of jet engines. Also known as toric joints, they are elastomeric mechanical seals in the shape of a ring. Like with other seals, O-rings prevent leaks from occurring. They will compress the mating surface of … Read More

The Pros and Cons of S-Duct Intakes

The S-duct is a common type of intake for jet engines. All jet engines require an intake Also known as an inlet, it’s responsible for capturing and slowing down air prior to the air entering the engine’s combustion chamber. While … Read More

Oleo Struts: An Essential Landing Gear Component

Landing gear systems consist of more than just wheels; they typically require shock absorbers as well. Shock absorbers are designed to absorb and dampen the force to which landing gear systems are exposed during takeoffs and landings. While there are … Read More

What Are Camloc Pliers?

When shopping for aerospace tools, you may come across camloc pliers. They are handheld, manually operated pliers. Like all pliers, camloc pliers feature jaws. Squeezing the handle will force the jaws to close. What are camloc pliers exactly? Overview of … Read More

Ram Air Turbines: An Innovative Source of Emergency Power

Many airplanes feature a ram air turbine. It’s a source of emergency power. When flying, airplanes will use an engine-driven generator or alternator as their primary source of power. For emergency power, though, they may use a ram air turbine. … Read More

What Are Loop Clamps and How Do They Work?

When researching some of the different types of clamps used in the aerospace industry, you may encounter loop clamps. They are commonly used on vacuum hoses. Vacuum hoses, of course, are designed to carry a vacuum. If they leak, they’ll … Read More

5 Facts About Wingboxes

The wingbox is an important part of nearly all fixed-wing airplanes. It forms the structural center of an airplane’s wings while simultaneously allowing for the use of other wing parts like flaps and wingtips. It’s known as the “wingbox” because … Read More