How to Measure Rivets With a Cherry Gauge

Rivets are one of the most common types of fasteners used in airplanes. Airplanes still have screws and bolts, many of their components are secured with rivets. Rivets don’t have the same type of threaded body as screws and bolts. … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Castellated Nuts

When researching some of the different types of nuts used in the aerospace manufacturing industry, you may come across castellated nuts. They are one of the most common types of non-self-locking nuts in airplanes. Castellated nuts are essentially castle nuts. They feature … Read More

What Is Thread-Locking Fluid?

Fasteners are commonly used in the construction of airplanes. It’s estimated that a typical 747 airliner has over 3 million fasteners. While some of these fasteners consist of rivets, others consist of bolts or screws with external threading. Threaded fasteners … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Grommets: What You Should Know

When shopping for aerospace parts, you may come across grommets. Not to be confused with eyelets, they are used to create finished holes. There are different types of grommets. Some of them are made of plastic, whereas others are made … Read More

What Are Drain Valves and Why Do Airplanes Need Them?

Drain valves are small parts that play a big role in the safety and performance of modern airplanes. Most airplanes feature multiple drain valves. What are drain valves exactly, and why do airplanes need them? Overview of Drain Valves Drain … Read More

An Introduction to AN Bolts and Why They Are Used in Airplanes

Threaded fasteners are a common component of nearly all airplanes. Wide-body commercial airplanes, in fact, have millions of threaded fasteners. While different airplanes are designed with different types of fasteners, many of them feature AN bolts. AN bolts are one … Read More

5 Facts About Sheet Metal Screws

Choosing the right screws is important when assembling or fastening parts to sheet metal. Whether it’s made of steel or aluminum, sheet metal is harder than wood. As a result, you can’t use standard screws with it. You’ll need to … Read More

What Are Ring Terminals and How Do They Work?

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An Introduction to Nutplates: What You Should Know

Have you heard of nutplates? They are commonly used in aerospace manufacturing applications. Airplanes, for instance, are often built with nutplates. Nutplates create permanent and fixed nuts that support a threaded bolt. For a better understanding of nutplates, keep reading. … Read More