Why Do Jet Engines Open Up on the Runway?

If you’ve ever watched commercial airliners land on a runway, you may recall seeing their engines open up. There are door-like panels on the sides of jet engines. While these panels typically remain closed during takeoffs, they open during landings. … Read More

5 Facts About Airplane Cabins

Think you know everything there is to know about airplane cabins? All commercial airplanes have a cabin. Located within the fuselage, it’s the main interior section that houses the airplane’s cargo and passengers. Here are five fun facts about cabins. … Read More

What Are Rudder Pedals and How Do They Work?

Airplanes may not have gas pedals like those found in automobiles, but they do have rudder pedals. Both the pilot and copilot typically have their own pair of rudder pedals. As the name suggests, these specialized pedals are used to … Read More

What Are Dihedral Angles in Aviation?

Have you heard of dihedral angles? Most commercial airplanes don’t have completely flat and straight wings. When looking at the tarmac on your next flight, you may notice that they have curved wings. This curvature is represented by a dihedral … Read More

Can Airplanes Fly in Snow?

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What Type of Engine Oil Do Airplanes Use?

Engine oil isn’t limited to automobiles. Most airplanes use it as well. Also known as aviation oil, it plays an important role in protecting against engine failure. Airplanes, however, don’t use the same type of oil as cars and trucks; … Read More

7 Facts About Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Whether you live in the Peach State or elsewhere, you’ve probably heard of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Originally built in September 1926, it’s become one of the world’s most iconic airports. To learn more about this famous airport, keep reading. #1) … Read More

What Is a Flight Management System (FMS)?

Of all the avionics in a typical airplane’s cockpits, few are as important as a flight management system (FMS). Pilots use it to perform a variety of tasks. What is an FMS exactly? The Basics of an FMS An FMS … Read More

Retractable vs Semi-Retractable Landing Gear

With the exception of seaplanes, most airplanes feature landing gear. Consisting of nitrogen-filled tires, shock absorbers and other components, it allows them to safely land on runways. There are different types of landing gear, however, including retractable and semi-retractable. What … Read More