TAT vs SAT vs ISA Air Temperatures: What’s the Difference

Pilots don’t rely on a single metric to determine the temperature of the air outside of an airplane. Most cockpits display several different air temperatures, including total air temperature (TAT), static air temperature (SAT) and International Standard Atmospheric (ISA) temperature … Read More

What Are Braced Wings on Airplanes?

Wings are an essential part of all airplanes. In the field of aeronautics, they are airfoil structures that generate lift. As air flows over and under an airplane’s wings they’ll generate lift. Lift, of course, is the invisible force that … Read More

5 Facts About Landing Gear

Landing gear is an essential component of all airplanes. Located in the undercarriage, it consists of wheels, cables, bakes and other parts that allow airplanes to safely move on the runway. Whether they are taking off or landing, pilots must … Read More

What Are Airplane Rudders and How Do They Work?

Airplanes feature a variety of flight control surfaces. In addition to ailerons and elevators, for instance, there are rudders. Many airplanes — particularly smaller airplanes — feature a single rudder. Like all other flight control surfaces, it allows pilots to … Read More

How to Protect Aircraft Batteries From Corrosion

Corrosion can take a toll on aircraft batteries. If left unchecked, it can restrict the flow of current. In some cases, aircraft batteries may fail to hold a charge if they are severely corroded. The good news is that you … Read More

What Are Leading Edge Slots on Airplanes?

Have you heard of leading edge slots? They are commonly found on small and mid-size aircraft. Some airplanes have full-span leading edge slots, whereas others have partial-span leading edge slots. Regardless of the style, they use a similar design that … Read More

5 Facts About Speed Tape

Need to make a quick repair to a noncritical aerospace part? Speed tape may offer a solution. It’s a special type of heavy-duty tape that’s designed for high-speed vehicles, including airplanes. Below are five facts about speed tape and how … Read More

What Are Aircraft Control Cables?

Control cables are used extensively in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Many airplanes, as well as other types of aircraft, feature them. Also known as flight control cables, they are linkage systems that control the parts to which they are connected. … Read More

Wing Flaps: How They Affect Takeoffs and Landings

Ever notice hinge-like surfaces on the edges of an airplane’s wings? Known as wing flaps, they can affect flight forces like lift and drag. Most wing flaps are found on the trailing edge of an airplane’s wings. Pilots can activate … Read More