Why Copper Rivets Aren’t Used in Airplanes

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The Benefits of Propeller Coating Paint

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6 Facts About Clipnuts You Need to Know

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What Are Tee Fittings?

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5 Common Styles of Nutplates

Nutplates offer a convenient anchoring solution for bolts. Also known as anchor nuts and plate nuts, they consist of a flat base — typically made of stamped sheet metal — that’s connected to a threaded tube. The threaded tube supports … Read More

The Benefits of Aluminum Rivets

Rivets are available in a variety of materials, one of the most common being aluminum. From the 2117-T “field” rivet to the 1100 rivet, 5056 rivet and more, most rivets used in aerospace manufacturing are made entirely or mostly of … Read More

Aviation Oil vs Grease: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between aviation oil and grease? Airplanes, as well as helicopters and other types of aircraft, produce friction. If left unchecked, friction can lead to premature wear and tear that jeopardizes the airplane’s integrity. Fortunately, aviation … Read More

High-Speed Steel (HSS) vs Cobalt Drill Bits: Which Is Best?

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How to Choose Splice Connectors: What You Should Know

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