What Are Push-On Retainers?

Threaded fasteners don’t always stay in assemblies. They can fall or otherwise work their way out of assemblies. A simple solution is to use push-on retainers. Push-on retainers are retaining rings that slide over the shaft of a threaded fastener. … Read More

An Introduction to Fuel Breakway Valves

Fuel breakaway valves are commonly used on airplanes. With the exception of electric airplanes, all airplanes must be refueled. Refueling typically occurs at airports. At some airports, a tanker may pull up to airplanes to refuel them. At other airports, … Read More

Jam Nuts vs Hex Nuts: What’s the Difference?

It’s a common misconception that jam nuts and hex nuts are the same. They feature a similar shape, and they are available in similar materials. Because of their similarities, many people assume that they are the same. Jam nuts and … Read More

What Are Dimpled Washers?

When most people think of washers, they envision flat disc-shaped fasteners with a hole in the center. All washers do, in fact, have a hole in the center. With a hole in the center, you can use them in conjunction … Read More

Why Do Some Drill Bits Have a Hole in Them?

Not all drill bits are solid. You may discover that some of them have a narrow hole running through the center of them. To the unsuspecting eye, they look like most other drill bits. If you look at the top … Read More

What Are Camloc Pliers?

When shopping for aerospace tools, you may come across camloc pliers. They are handheld, manually operated pliers. Like all pliers, camloc pliers feature jaws. Squeezing the handle will force the jaws to close. What are camloc pliers exactly? Overview of … Read More

What Are Loop Clamps and How Do They Work?

When researching some of the different types of clamps used in the aerospace industry, you may encounter loop clamps. They are commonly used on vacuum hoses. Vacuum hoses, of course, are designed to carry a vacuum. If they leak, they’ll … Read More

An Introduction to Pop Rivets

Airplanes require a variety of fasteners. In addition to traditional threaded fasteners, they often feature blind fasteners. Pop rivets, for instance, are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. If you’re building an airplane, you may want to use pop … Read More

What Is a Swaging Tool?

When installing or replacing cables in an airplane, you may want to use a swaging tool. As their name suggests, swaging tools are designed for swaging. While crimping tools are designed for crimping, swaging tools are designed for crimping. The … Read More