5 Things to Consider When Choosing RF Connectors

Are you looking to buy radio frequency (RF) connectors? As the name suggests, RF connectors are designed for RF transmission applications. They support multi-megahertz radio frequencies, such as those used for aviation communication systems. While all RF connectors support RF … Read More

What Are Self-Locking Nuts?

Nuts are commonly used in conjunction with threaded fasteners to join multiple parts together. You can use them with bolts, for instance. Nuts have internal threading that supports mating with the external threading of bolts. Over time, however, nuts may … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Nylon Washers

Not all washers are made of metal. While you can certainly find washers made of aluminum, steel, brass and other types of metals and alloys, washers are available in nylon. Nylon washers are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. … Read More

An Introduction to Aviation Grease: What You Need to Know

When working on airplanes, you may need to use aviation grease. Airplanes are complex vehicles with thousands of individual parts. Some wide-body commercial airplanes, in fact, have over a half-million parts. But even small airplanes have a lot of parts. … Read More

What Are Tube Cutters and How Do They Work?

Tubes are often used to carry water and other fluids through airplanes. When building an airplane, you’ll typically need to install tubes. Cutting tubes, of course, can be difficult without the right tool. While it’s possible to cut polyvinyl chloride … Read More

How to Choose Clevis Pins

Are you looking to buy clevis pins? Clevis pins offer a convenient alternative to traditional fasteners like bolts and rivets. As shown in the adjacent photo, they feature a flat head and a cylindrical shank. Near the bottom of the … Read More

What Are Solid Rivets?

Airplanes contain many different fasteners. A typical Boeing 747, in fact, has over 3 million fasteners on average. While some of them are temporary fasteners that can be removed, others are permanent fasteners. Airplanes are often designed with hollow or … Read More

How to Choose Retaining Rings

Are you looking to buy retaining rings? As you may know, retaining rings are ring-shaped fasteners. They are designed for use with shafts or bores. You can install retaining rings over a shaft or inside of a bore. Retaining rings … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Hose Clamps

When building an airplane, you may need to use hose clamps. Airplanes typically feature multiple hoses. They may feature hoses for oil, coolant, fuel and other liquids. Clamps are designed to seal these hoses around mating surfaces. The liquid within … Read More