How to Choose Lock Washers

To protect nuts and bolts from loosening, you may want to use lock washers. Washers, of course, are designed to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. You can place a washer around a threaded fastener, such as a bolt, … Read More

How to Choose Loop Clamps

Loop clamps are commonly used to secure hoses around fittings. They consist of a single, solid piece of metal that’s shaped like a loop. At the base of a loop clamp is a pair of prongs. To install a loop … Read More

5 Benefits of Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Fasteners aren’t limited to nuts and bolts. There are many other types of fasteners available, such as quarter-turn fasteners. Also known as quick-release fasteners, they are easy to use. You can quickly install them, and you can quickly remove them. … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Aviation Grease

Not all greases are made equally. Some of them are intended specifically for airplanes and other types of aircraft. Known as aviation grease, it can withstand the elements while offering a high level of protection against friction and corrosion. What … Read More

What Are Close Tolerance Bolts?

Close tolerance bolts are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. They are threaded fasteners that feature a shank and head. The shank is threaded, thus allowing them to be driven into a threaded hole. Close tolerance bolts, however, are … Read More

Ring vs Spade Terminals: What’s the Difference?

The electrical wires used in airplanes are often fitted with a terminal. Terminals are used to “terminate” an electrical wire. After installing a terminal on an electrical wire, you can connect the wire to the appropriate equipment or system. There … Read More

5 Common Myths About Hose Clamps

Hos clamps are commonly used in conjunction with fluid- or gas-carrying hoses. They are simple clamping devices that apply pressure to the hose with which they are used. Hoses can leak around fittings. As the fluid or gas inside of … Read More

The Benefits of Cobalt Drill Bits

Not all drill bits are made of steel. Steel is, in fact, one of the most popular materials used in the construction of drill bits. There are high-carbon steel drill bits, and there are low-carbon steel drill bits. In addition … Read More

5 Common Features of Machine Screws

When shopping for aerospace fasteners, you may come across machine screws. They are permanent fasteners that are used to hold two or more parts together. Machine screws feature exterior threading just like all other screws. With that said, machine screws … Read More