How to Choose the Right Spring Pins

Are you looking to buy spring pins? Spring pins offer a quick and easy way to secure parts. Also known as tension pins, they are cylindrical-shaped fasteners. Spring pins are designed specifically for use in holes with a smaller diameter. … Read More

Butt Splice Connectors vs Ring Terminals: What’s the Difference?

Butt splice connectors and ring terminals are commonly used in aircraft electrical systems. They are small accessories that attach to wires. Butt splice connectors and ring terminals, however, are used for different purposes. What Are Butt Splice Connectors? Butt splice … Read More

What Are Capped Nutplates?

When shopping for nutplates, you may come across capped nutplates. Also known as anchor plates, nutplates serve as anchor points for threaded fasteners. You can rivet or otherwise secure a nutplate in place, after which you can connect the end … Read More

What Is Silicone Rubber Sealant?

Sealants offer quick and easy leaks. You can seal gaps, holes and open spaces by applying a sealant. In the aerospace industry, silicone rubber sealant is a popular choice. It’s used for the same sealing-related applications as other types of … Read More

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Turnbuckle Barrels

Turnbuckle barrels are commonly used with aircraft cables. As shown in the adjacent photo, they feature a threaded barrel. You can run an aircraft cable through a turnbuckle barrel. After adjusting the cable to the appropriate tension, you can lock … Read More

A Crash Course on Copper Gaskets: What You Should Know

Not all gaskets are made of a synthetic polymer like silicone or rubber. You can find them in a variety of materials, such as copper. Copper gaskets are used in many of the same sealing applications as their all-synthetic counterparts, … Read More

Solid vs Blind Rivets: What’s the Difference?

Rivets are commonly used in the construction of airplanes. They are mechanical fasteners that, like other fasteners, are used to secure two or more parts. Rivets, however, are permanent mechanical fasteners. You can typically remove bolts and screws by turning … Read More

What to Look for in Wire Rope Terminals

You shouldn’t choose the first wire rope terminal that you come across. There are many different types of wire rope terminals. While they are all used to terminate wire rope casings, their specifications may vary. To ensure that you choose … Read More

What Are Tube-to-Hose Adapter Fittings?

Most airplanes feature a variety of fluid- and gas-carrying conduits. They may feature tubes and hoses that carry oil, coolant, refrigerant, air and combustion gases. Overview of Tube-to-Hose Adapter Fittings Tube-to-hose adapter fittings are exactly what they sound like: fittings … Read More