An Introduction to Gasket Sealant and How It Works

When installing gaskets, you may want to use gasket sealant. Gaskets are often exposed to heat, pressure and chemicals. Over time, the combination of these elements can degrade gaskets. Gaskets may begin to leak, or they fail completely. Fortunately, you … Read More

Hex Nuts vs Square Nuts: What’s the Difference?

Nuts are commonly used with bolts. After inserting a bolt through an object, you can secure it with a nut. Twisting a nut onto the end of the bolt will prevent the bolt from coming out. While some nuts are … Read More

How to Choose Airframe Bolts: What You Should Know

Airframes are held together by a variety of fasteners. Airframes, of course, encompass fuselages, wings, undercarriages and empennages. Many of these components are held together by threaded fasteners known as airframe bolts. If you’re building an airplane, you’ll need to … Read More

5 Common Types of Retaining Rings

Retaining rings offer a simple solution to secure parts onto a shaft or bore. Also known as snap rings, they are circular-shaped fasteners. You can slide a retaining ring over a shaft or into a bore. Retaining rings can secure … Read More

4 Common Characteristics of Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Most airplanes contain few or no wooden parts. Instead, they are made of metal parts. Sheet metal screws are used to fasten these metal parts. While wood screws are … Read More

How to Choose Butt Splice Connectors

Butt splice connectors offer a simple way to join two wires. They consist of crimp-style sleeves with a conductive interior. After stripping the ends of two wires, you can insert them into a butt splice connector. Crimping will compress the … Read More

5 Facts About AN Bolts

Have you heard of AN bolts? They are commonly used in airplanes. Most airplanes have thousands of fasteners, with AN bolts being one of the most common types. While they look like ordinary threaded fasteners, though, AN bolts adhere to … Read More

What Are Self-Piercing Rivets and How Do They Work?

Airplanes contain other types of fasteners besides bolts and screws. While threaded fasteners such as these are common, many airplanes also contain rivets. Rivets are permanent fasteners that, unlike most threaded fasteners, are resistant to vibrations. Rivets are used to … Read More

What Are Aviation Snips?

When shopping for cutting tools to use in the aerospace manufacturing industry, you may come across aviation snips. They look like a typical pair of shears. Aviation snips have a handle and a cutting blade. Unlike traditional shears, though, aviation … Read More