Epoxy vs Super Glue: What’s the Difference?

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What Are Strap Duplicators and How Do They Work?

Fastening two pieces of sheet metal together requires proper alignment. If you’re going to use rivet-based fasteners, for instance, you’ll need to align the rivet holes. Proper alignment will ensure that the holes are created in the same area on … Read More

PPG to Increase U.S. Aerospace Products Manufacturing Output to Meet Rising Demand

PPG will boost production to keep up with the escalating demand for its commercial aircraft aftermarket products. In order to meet the increasing demand from both new and existing clients, the company anticipates up to a 20% increase in employment … Read More

What Are Dimpled Washers?

When most people think of washers, they envision flat disc-shaped fasteners with a hole in the center. All washers do, in fact, have a hole in the center. With a hole in the center, you can use them in conjunction … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Truss Head Screws

Have you heard of truss head screws? They are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Like all screws, truss head screws feature external threading, which allows them to secure parts with internal threading. Truss head screws, though, feature a … Read More

Boeing to Launch Satellite-Based Internet Service

When you think of internet service providers, Boeing probably isn’t the first company that comes to mind. Nonetheless, the aerospace manufacturing giant has its eyes set on developing an internet service. Boeing isn’t developing a traditional landline internet service, though. … Read More

What Type of Glass Do Cockpit Windows Use?

Airplanes are meticulously designed to meet the necessary safety specifications. From the fuselage and engines to the landing gear and controls, aerospace manufacturing companies must follow guidelines when designing and building airplanes. Even the cockpit windows require a specific design. … Read More

Hydrogen Fuel to Usher in a New Era of Aviation

The type of fuel that jet airplanes burn to generate propulsion may soon change. For decades, most jet airplanes have relied on a special type of kerosene fuel. Simply known as jet fuel, it a has low boiling point and … Read More

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Collects First Rock Samples From Mars

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA’s) Perseverance rover has collected the first of many rock samples from Mars. NASA made the announcement on September 6, 2021. According to NASA, Perseverance successfully collected rocks from the Jezero Crater. The sample … Read More