Boeing 737 MAX 10 Completes Maiden Flight

The latest, as well as largest, variant of Boeing’s 737 MAX family has completed its maiden flight. In June 2021, the 737 MAX 10 took off from Renton, Washington, after which it flew for a few hours over the Evergreen … Read More

Why Commercial Airlines Board From the Front to the Back

Have you ever wondered why commercial airlines board passengers from the front to the back? Conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that it’s more efficient to board in the opposite manner. Boarding passengers from the back to the front, … Read More

Boeing Completes World’s First Drone-Based Aerial Refueling

The way in which military jets are refueled in the air may soon change. In the past, air-to-air refueling (AAR) has typically been performed with a manned tanker. The tanker will fly to the jet’s position, after which it will … Read More

New Zealand Partners With NASA for Artemis Accords

New Zealand has become the 11th country to partner with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the Artemis Accords. In May 2021,  Dr. Peter Crabtree, the lead director of New Zealand’s Space Agency, signed the Aremis Accords during … Read More

Virgin Galactic Edges Closer to Making Space Tourism a Reality

Virgin Galactic isn’t your typical aerospace manufacturing company. While it designs and manufactures space vehicles, Virgin Galactic is focused on tourism rather than commercial services. Nonetheless, the company founded by Sir. Richard Branson is one step closer to making space … Read More

Boeing Completes Dry Run of Starliner Crew Capsule

Boeing may soon conduct manned missions to the International Space Stational (ISS). Earlier this month, the private aerospace manufacturing company completed a dry run of its Starliner crew capsule. Of course, it wasn’t a live test. Rather, it was a … Read More

An Introduction to the Different Types of Airliners

Airliners have revolutionized the way in which we travel. Consisting of commercial jets and other passenger-carrying airplanes, they allow us to traverse long distances in a fraction of the time as driving. There are different types of airliners, however. While … Read More

SpaceX Sends Four Astronauts to the ISS

SpaceX has sent four additional astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). Earlier this month, the private aerospace manufacturing company launched its reusable Crew Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts from Florida’s coast to the ISS. After about a day of … Read More

5 Fun Facts About the Airbus A320 Family

The A320 is a prolific lineup of narrow-body jets developed by Airbus. The European aerospace manufacturing company launched the A320 project back in the mid-1980s. In 1988, Air France became the first commercial airline to use an A320 jet in … Read More