Airbus Proposes a Laser System for In-Flight Wi-Fi

There are wireless networks just about everywhere. When flying aboard a commercial jet, you may even have the option of connecting your smartphone or other devices to Wi-Fi. Countless commercial airlines now offer Wi-Fi. But the problem with in-flight Wi-Fi … Read More

Should Airplanes Leave the Middle Seats Open?

There’s a growing debate over whether or not airplanes should leave the middle seats open. Whether narrow-body or wide-body, most commercial airplanes rows consisting of at least three seats each. In the wake of COVID-19, some experts are calling for … Read More

SpaceX Secures Contract for NASA’s Griffin Rover

SpaceX has beat United Launch Alliance (ELA) to secure a contract for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) Griffin rover. Earlier this month, NASA revealed that it had selected SpaceX to launch its Griffin rover. This new contract signals … Read More

How Do Airplanes Write in the Sky?

Have you ever gazed up into the sky on a clear and sunny day, only to discover a word or phrase. Known as skywriting, it’s often for commercial advertising. Businesses that want to attract new customers may hire a skywriting … Read More

FAA Survey Highlights the Need for Quieter Airplanes

Most airplanes don’t fly silently. With their jet engines, they are often loud. Take-offs and landings create the most noise, with decibels regularly reaching 100. When cruising at an altitude of about 33,000 feet, though, commercial airplanes can still produce … Read More

FAA Approves Boeing’s New 737 MAX 8200 Variant

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved a new variant of Boeing’s 737 MAX 8200 jet. Known as the 737-8200, it’s the latest addition of Boeing’s long-running 737 MAX family. The 737 MAX, of course, had been grounded following … Read More

NASA Sends a Swatch From the Wright Brothers’ First Plane to Mars

Mars might be over 158 million miles away, but the Red Planet now holds an important piece of aerospace history. In February, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) Ingenuity helicopter vehicle delivered a swatch consisting of a small piece … Read More

The Last-Manufactured Airbus A380 Completes First Flight

Airbus’s A380 project is coming to a close. Last week, the aerospace company’s final A380 jet completed its first flight during a trip from Toulouse, France to Hamburg, Germany. While this particular A380 — as well as many existing A380s … Read More

Boeing Delivers First F-15EX Jet to the US Air Force

Unbeknownst to many people, Boeing doesn’t exclusively manufacture commercial jets. It manufactures military jets as well. The American aerospace manufacturing company, in fact, recently delivered the first F-15EX fighter jet to the U.S. Air Force. What Is the F-15EX? The … Read More