Boeing 737 MAX 10 Completes Maiden Flight

The latest, as well as largest, variant of Boeing’s 737 MAX family has completed its maiden flight. In June 2021, the 737 MAX 10 took off from Renton, Washington, after which it flew for a few hours over the Evergreen State before returning to the Renton airport. While there were no passengers on board, it marked the first flight of the 737 MAX 10.

What Is the 737 MAX 10?

The 737 MAX 10 is part of Boeing’s fourth generation of narrow-body airliners, the 737 MAX. Boeing launched the 737 MAX program nearly a decade ago as the successor to the 737 Next Generation (NG). Like with Boeing’s other airliner families, the 737 MAX is available in different variants. There’s the 737 MAX 7, the 737 MAX 8, the 737 MAX 9 and the 737 MAX 10. The 737 MAX 10 is the latest variant. It was launched in 2017, during which Boeing receives 240 orders for the new jet.

In terms of size, the 737 MAX 10 is the largest jet in Boeing’s 737 MAX family. It can accommodate up to 230 passengers, making it larger than the 737 MAX 7, the 737 MAX 8, the 737 MAX 9. The 737 MAX 10 has a longer fuselage than its counterparts, which allows it to accommodate more passengers.

About the 737 MAX 10’s Maiden Flight

While Boeing has already received orders for it, Boeing is still placing the finishing touches on its 737 MAX 10. The American aerospace manufacturing company, for instance, must get it certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Certification requires testing, which is why Boeing recently completed a test flight involving the 737 MAX 10.

The 737 MAX 10 completed its maiden flight in June 2021 over the skies of Washington. It flew for a few hours before landing — all without experiencing any problems. This paves the way for certification. Once Boeing gets the 737 MAX 10 certified, it can begin to fulfill orders by delivering the 737 MAX 10 to commercial airlines. The 737 MAX 10’s recent maiden flight is a stepping stone towards certification. Boeing can now seek certification from the FAA so that it can deliver the 737 MAX 10 to its customers.

According to Boeing, commercial airlines can expect deliveries of the 737 MAX 10 in 2023. That may still be a few years away, but the 737 MAX 10 is shaping up to be a popular narrow-body airliner. Not only is it large; the 737 MAX 10 is equipped with energy-efficient upgrades.  With its large size and energy-efficient properties, the 737 MAX 10 could become a common commercial airliner. Of course, we’ll have to wait until deliveries begin to gauge the true demand for the 737 MAX 10.