What Are Spring-Loaded Jack Locks?

Spring-loaded jack locks by Monroe

Depending on your job, you may want to invest in a set of spring-loaded jack locks. They are used extensively in the workplace. As workolding solutions, spring-loaded jack locks make it easy to secure workpieces. So, what are spring-loaded jack locks?

Overview of Spring-Loaded Jack Locks

Spring-loaded jack locks are workholding solutions that feature a locking mechanism. You can use them to clamp workpieces. When locked, spring-loaded jack locks will hold the workpieces in place.

Press-Fit vs Surface Mount Spring-Loaded Jack Locks

There are different types of spring-loaded jack locks, including press fit and surface mount. Press-fit spring-loaded jack locks are designed to fit directly underneath a workpiece. Surface-mount spring-loaded jack locks are designed to be mounted on top of a stable surface, such as a workbench. They are both workholding solutions with a locking mechanism; they are simply used in different ways.

How to Use a Spring-Loaded Jack Lock

As their name suggests, spring-loaded jack locks feature a spring. The spring is contained inside the main shaft. At the top of a spring-loaded jack lock is a cap. The spring will press against this cap while attempting to push it up.

The combination of a spring and cap makes spring-loaded jack locks easy to use. You can place your workpiece on top of the cap. The cap will decompress under the tension of the spring.

You can lock a spring-loaded jack lock by turning the knob. On the front is a handheld knob. Turning the knob clockwise will lock the workpiece in place. After completing the necessary work, you can unlock the workpiece by turning the knob on the spring-loaded jack lock in the opposite direction: counterclockwise.

Benefits of Spring-Loaded Jack Locks

Many workers prefer spring-loaded jack locks over other workholding solutions because of their simplicity. They are simple workholding solutions consisting of a spring-enclosed lock.

You can find spring-loaded jack locks in different styles. They are available in press-fit and surface-mount styles, for example. You can also find spring-loaded jack locks either with or without a foot.

Spring-loaded jack locks work with most workpieces. Regardless of the material, you can probably secure a workpiece with a set of spring-loaded jack locks.

In Conclusion

Not all workholding solutions are the same. Spring-loaded jack locks are a popular choice because of their simplicity. They feature a spring that presses against a cap. You can also lock them in place by turning a knob.

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