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What Is the Empennage of an Airplane?

What Is the Empennage of an Airplane?

Airplanes consist of more than just a fuselage, wings and landing gear; they also have an empennage. Unless you’re familiar with aviation mechanics, though, you might be wondering what is an empennage. All airplanes have an empennage. Along with the three aforementioned components, it allows airplanes to safely fly. To learn more about empennages and the role they play in aviation mechanics, keep reading.

Overview of the Empennage

The empennage is essentially an airplane’s tail assembly. It’s found at the rear end of the fuselage. At the front of the fuselage is the airplane’s nose. At the rear of the fuselage is the airplane’s empennage.

Although there are several types of empennages, they all consist of several parts. The empennage isn’t a single component. Rather, it’s an assembly that’s comprised of several parts. Some of the most common parts used in an empennage include the tailfin, the tailplane and the rear end of the fuselage. Collectively, these parts are referred to as the airplane’s empennage.

What Does the Empennage Do?

The empennage serves several purposes, one of which is to stabilize the airplane during flight. It provides a surface on which the airplane’s stabilizers can be mounted. Most commercial airplanes have multiple stabilizers, including a pair of horizontal stabilizers and a single vertical stabilizer, which are found on the empennage. During flight, these stabilizers allow the airplane to fly in a more straight line by reducing side-to-side movements.

In addition to stabilizing the airplane, the empennage provides directional control. Pilots can easily change the airplane’s direction using control systems like stabilizers that are attached to the empennage. Without the empennage, pilots would have a much harder time changing direction.

Why Airplanes Need an Empennage

Airplanes need an empennage to maintain stability during flight. Stabilizers can’t be mounted on the front end or middle section of an airplane’s fuselage. Rather, they must be mounted on the tail, which is part of the empennage. Stabilizers prevent airplanes from moving from side to side. At the same time, they allow pilots to easily change the airplane’s direction.

In Conclusion

The empennage is the tail assembly of an airplane. It consists of the tailfin, the tailplane and part of the airplane’s fuselage. Airplanes need an empennage for stability and directional purposes. While some companies have attempted to produce tailless airplanes in the past, none of them have been effective. That’s why all airplanes today have an empennage.