New Surveys Shows Record High Satisfaction for Airline Travel

Consumers have always had conflicting views regarding airline travel. Some people enjoy the experience of flying, whereas others complain about insufficient leg space, high baggage fees, delays and other problems. Overall, however, it appears that most consumers are satisfied with … Read More

Lufthansa Releases Video Showing 777 Being Towed By MINI EV

Lufthansa has released a new video showing a massive Boeing 777 being towed by an otherwise small electric vehicle (EV). The video was produced as part of automaker MINI’s marketing efforts for its upcoming Cooper SE vehicle. Of course, the … Read More

Why It’s So Easy to Fall Asleep on an Airplane

Do you tend to fall asleep when flying? Whether it’s a domestic or international flight, most passengers will agree that it’s easy to fall asleep on airplanes — and this fatigue can stay with you long after you land. But … Read More

Will Boeing’s Upcoming 797 Require Just a Single Pilot?

Commercial airplanes are typically operated by two pilots in the cockpit. There’s the captain, who sits in the left seat while performing all major controls, and there’s the first officer, who sits in the right seat while performing tasks instructed … Read More

Do Private Jets Fly Higher Than Commercial Jets?

Both commercial jets and private jets are characterized by the use of one or more jet engines. This is in stark contrast to propeller-powered airplanes, which feature one or more propellers to create propulsion. With that said, there are some … Read More

NASA’s Artemis Mission Aims for Manned Moon Landing By 2024

On Dec. 11, 1972, the Apollo capsule landed on the Moon, allowing astronauts to experience firsthand the Moon’s low gravity. Since then, however, neither NASA nor any other government or private organization has performed a manned moon mission. But that … Read More

Airbus Launches Satellite Imaging Startup UP42

The aerospace manufacturing company Airbus has launched a new startup to provide satellite imaging services. Known as the UP42, it’s designed to help government entities, as well as private organizations, collect and use satellite imaging data. UP42 won’t necessarily build … Read More

Boeing Performs Parachute Test for Starliner

Boeing has successfully completed a parachute test for its Starliner crew capsule. On May 10, 2019, the aerospace manufacturing company shared a video on its Twitter account. In the video, a Starliner capsule is shown falling to Earth under the … Read More

Bye Aerospace Reports Nearly 300 Orders for New Electric Airplane

Bye Aerospace has received nearly 300 orders for its new electric airplane. Known as the eFlyer, it’s a not traditional airplane that’s powered by a combustion engine. Rather, Bye Aerospace’s new airplane features an all-electric design, giving the Colorado-based aerospace … Read More