Airbus Shares Time-Lapsed Video of A330neo Assembly

Ever wonder how exactly Airbus builds the massively sized A330neo airliner? Originally introduced January 1994 with Air Inter, the A330neo has become one of the most recognizable jets in the world. Available in several variants — including the 300, 300HGW, … Read More

BYU Researchers to Develop Quieter Airplane Lavatory Toilets

Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) are on a quest to solve a decades-old problem encountered by passengers when flying on an airplane: loud lavatory toilets. Because lavatories use high-efficiency vacuum toilets, they require minimal water to operate. As a … Read More

Why Airplanes Use Kerosene Rather Than Plain Gasoline for Fuel

From small airplanes like the Cessna to large twin-engine jets like the Airbus A380, all combustion-powered airplanes require fuel to operate. Like combustion-powered automobiles, they burn fuel to create the power needed to achieve and maintain a safe flying speed. … Read More

Mitsubishi Builds New Jet to Compete With Boeing and Airbus

Boeing and Airbus are about to experience greater competition. According to a report by RT, Mitsubishi is placing the final touches on its new Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), which the Japanese company expects to sell to airlines as early as … Read More

5 Facts About Boeing’s Upcoming New Midsize Airplane (NMA)

As the world’s leading aerospace manufacturer, Boeing is constantly producing and releasing new airplanes. One of the Chicago-based manufacturer’s latest projects is the New Midsize Aircraft (NMA). Also known as the new Midsize Airplane, it was first announced by Boeing … Read More

World’s Largest Plane Performs First Test Flight

The world’s largest plane has performed its first successful test flight. As reported by Wired, Stratolaunch Systems recently flew its massive Stratolaunch airplane above the Mojave Desert. Featuring dual fuselages, the Stratolaunch isn’t an ordinary airplane. As shown in the … Read More

Airbus’s BelugaXL Spotted Over Ireland

Airbus’s upcoming BelugaXL jet has been spotted over Ireland. Several news outlets said the massive cargo transport jet touched down at Ireland’s Shannon Airport after a short test flight test. So, what was the purpose of this test flight? Airbus … Read More

Virgin Atlantic Offers Sneak Peak Into New Airbus A350-1000

The next time you fly Virgin Atlantic, you could be seated on the airline’s new Airbus A350-1000 jet. Earlier this month, Virgin Atlantic revealed some key features of its new A350-1000 jet. Known as the Red Velvet, the long-range jet … Read More

FAA Gives GE Aviation the Green Light to Use CT7-2F1 Engines in Bell 525s

GE Aviation is one step closer to using the CT7-2F1 engine in its new Bell 525 helicopter. Last month, the Ohio-based aerospace manufacturing company received certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use the engine in its new … Read More