Brazil Gives Boeing and Embraer Joint Venture the Green Light

Boeing and Embraer can proceed with their planned joint venture. Earlier this month, federal officials with the Brazilian government approved the proposed joint venture between the two major aerospace companies. So, what’s next for Boeing and Embraer? About Boeing and … Read More

How Are Airplanes Electrically Grounded?

Grounding is essential to creating a safe environment when using high-powered electrical devices. If a device malfunctions and begins drawing a dangerous amount of current, grounding allows the circuit to safely dissipate the excess charge. Not only does this protect … Read More

Airbus Announces Ceremony for New Mobile, AL Factory

Airbus is expanding its production operations to the East Coast. Earlier this month, the aerospace manufacturing company announced plans to host a groundbreaking ceremony for its new Mobile, AL factory on Jan. 16. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Airbus’s new … Read More

What’s the Deal With the Small Holes in Airplane Windows?

Have you ever looked out the window while flying, only to discover a small hole in the middle pane? While not found in all airplane windows, many do in fact have holes. Upon seeing this, some passengers assume that it’s … Read More

Boeing’s New 797 Midsize Jet: Here’s What We Know

In June 2017, Boeing unveiled the first concept images of its upcoming new midsize jet. Described as being a “middle-market” jet, the 797 will come in variants: the B797-6 and the B797-7. The former will support up to 228 passengers … Read More

Why Do Airplanes Fly in Earth’s Troposphere?

Although there are exceptions, most commercial jets fly at around 28,000 to 35,000 feet. Being that Earth’s troposphere is between 23,000 and 65,000 feet — depending on the season and latitude, at least — this means that commercial jets are … Read More

Airbus Teams With Audi to Develop Flying Car Prototype

Airbus has teamed up with automaker Audi to develop a prototype of a flying car. For more than a half-century, people have envisioned flight as a regular form of day-to-day transportation. But even after all those years, road-based vehicles remain … Read More

Boeing to Deliver Refueling Tankers to US Air Force Before 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but Boeing is expected to deliver the first of its KC-36 refueling tankers to the U.S. Air Force by the end of the year, signaling the beginning of a new logistical chain for the … Read More

Boeing Rolls Out First 737s From New China-Based Factory

Boeing has rolled out the first 737 jet from its new China production factory. According to Fortune, the aerospace manufacturing giant delivered a 737 MAX from its Zhoushan factory last Saturday, signaling the beginning of a new untapped market for … Read More