FAA: Drones More Dangerous to Pilots Than Bird Strikes

Bird strikes consistently rank as one of the biggest threats to pilots, crewmembers and passengers. Also known as a bird aircraft strike hazard (BASH), it’s characterized by a midair collision between a bird or a bat and an aircraft. According … Read More

SpaceX to Launch Used Falcon 9 Rocket

Space Exploration Technologies Corp, or what’s more commonly known as SpaceX, has made great strides in the field of aerospace technology. In 2008, the company successfully fires a liquid-fueled rocket into orbit. This was a monumental milestone given the fact … Read More

Are Christmas Lights a Danger to Pilots?

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is sounding the alarm over a popular holiday tradition: Christmas lights. While traditional string lights generally pose little-to-no risk for pilots, the new laser-style lights are reportedly blinding some pilots. Rather than hanging string … Read More

Boeing’s New Innovation Challenge for India’s Aerospace Industry

In an effort to encourage aerospace development in India, Boeing has announced a new challenge. Dubbed the HorizonX India Innovation Challenge 1.0, the 22-week challenge is available to aerospace companies big and small throughout India. To learn more about Boeing’s … Read More

FAA Issues Warning to Pilots Regarding Use of Special Instruments

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a warning to pilots regarding the use of special instruments in a new Information for Operators (InFO). According to the CIA, there are more than 15,000 airports in the United States, roughly … Read More

Airbus To Test Electric-Powered Jet By End of Year

Airbus has announced plans to test its new electric-powered jet by the end of 2017. Known as the Vahana, it’s not just any ordinary jet. Airbus’ latest project is capable of performing full vertical take offs and landing. In fact, … Read More

NASA Aiming for 2018 Launch of New Mars Lander

The  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is preparing its next-generation Mars lander, which it hopes to launch as early as May 2018. As explained by Scientific American, NASA and Lockheed Martin Space Systems has already built the new Mars … Read More

Boeing Scores $1.3 Billion Contract for 777 Jet

Boeing has signed a $1.3 billion contract to deliver four 777 jets to Ethiopian Airlines. The two companies made the announcement during the Dubai Air Show. Held twice a year in the country of its namesake, the Dubai Air Show … Read More

Airbus Takes Over Bombardier Project

Last month, the European jet maker Airbus announced plans to revive the Bombardier C Series program. According to CNN, Boeing claimed that Bombardier had sold up to 150 units of the jet to Delta Air Lines at absurdly low prices. … Read More