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6 Fun Facts About the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

6 Fun Facts About the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Originally introduced 2011 with All Nippon Airways, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has become one of the most popular mid-size jets used by commercial airlines. Even if you’ve seen this jet — or even flown in one — though, there are probably somethings you don’t know about it. In this post, we’re going to explore six fun facts about the Dreamliner 787.

#1) It’s 20% More Efficient Than the 767

When designing the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing focused on improving and optimizing its fuel efficiency to help airlines cut costs on operating expenses. According to Boeing, the 787 Dreamliner is approximately 20% more fuel efficient than its predecessor, the 767, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious airlines.

#2) It Was the First Jet to Feature a Composite Airframe

Part of the 787 Dreamliner’s superb fuel efficiency can be attributed to its composite-material airframe. The 787 Dreamliner is said to be the first jet to feature an airframe made mostly of composite materials. While other jets use traditional materials like aluminum and steel in their airframe’s construction, the 787 Dreamliner features composite materials to achieve a lower weight without sacrificing strength or durability.

#3) Boeing Has Sold More Than 1,400 Units

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the 787 Dreamliner has been a top-selling jet for Boeing. Since introducing the mid-size jet in 2011, Boeing has sold 1,421 units to an estimated 72 customers. As Boeing’s presence in the commercial aerospace manufacturing industry increases, sales of the 787 Dreamliner will likely follow.

#4) It Contains More Than 2 Million Parts

To say the 787 Dreamliner contains a lot of parts would be an understatement. Reports show that Boeing’s popular mid-size jet contains more than 2 million parts. Surprisingly, though, the 767 actually has more parts. Boeing revealed that its 767 contains roughly 3.1 million parts.

#5) It Has a Maximum Takeoff Weight of Over 242 Tons

The 787 Dreamliner isn’t just efficient; it’s also powerful. Boeing says the 787 Dreamliner has a maximum takeoff weight of 227,930 kilograms, which translates to over 242 tons — and that’s only for the 787 8 variant. The 787 9 variant has an even higher maximum takeoff weight of 254,011 kilograms.

#6) It Has the Largest Windows of All Commercial Jets

If you ever have the opportunity to fly in a 787 Dreamliner, take a moment to look at the windows. At 47 by 28 centimeters, the 787 Dreamliner has the largest cabin windows of all commercial jets. Boeing even says that the windows on the 787 Dreamliner are 65% larger than those found on other commercial jets. The large windows improve passenger satisfaction by creating a truly unique and memorable flying experience.