SpaceX Wins Contract to Launch Satellite for the Air Force

The American aerospace manufacturer and services company Space Exploration Technology Corporation, or what’s more commonly known as SpaceX, has won a contract to launch a satellite for the United States Air Force. When competing with United Launch Alliance, SpaceX ultimately … Read More

Colorado-Based Aerospace Companies to Produce New Airplane

Two aerospace companies based in Colorado have joined forces to develop a new airplane. XTI Aircraft Company announced earlier this month that it will work with By Aerospace to create a new gas/electric hybrid airplane. This isn’t just any ordinary … Read More

US Navy Orders 12 Aircraft from Boeing

The United States Navy has placed an order for 12 combat aircraft to be produced by Boeing. According to UPI, the exclusive contract calls for 7 EA-18G and 5 F/A 18E combat aircraft, as well as electronic attack kits to … Read More

FAA and Xcel Using Drones to Inspect Power Lines

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has teamed up with the Minneapolis-based power company Xcel Energy to inspect power lines and electrical infrastructure using drones. Power lines pose a serious threat to aircraft. In 2011, a Russian Tu-134 struck a power … Read More

Taking a Closer Look at Boeing’s 737 MAX-9

Boeing’s highly anticipated 737 MAX 9 jet is just weeks away from its debut. The MAX 9 is the successor to the 737-900. Among other things, it features a longer fuselage than the MAX 8, which Boeing hopes will increase … Read More

The Three Stages of Aircraft Design

Whether it’s a small single-engine husky or a massive Airbus A300-600ST , aircraft are designed in a three-stage process. This consists of the conceptual design phase, the preliminary design phase, and finally the detail design phase. To learn more about … Read More

Are Self-Piloting Planes the Future?

Some of the world’s biggest tech companies are working to develop self-driving cars, including Google, Apple and Tesla. Self-driving cars would revolutionize the way in which we commute, reducing collisions and traffic congestion. But self-driving technology isn’t limited strictly to … Read More

Boeing and NanoRacks to Build Commercial Space Lock

Boeing has teamed up with NanoRacks to produce the world’s first commercial space lock. Founded in 2009 by Jeffrey Manber, Mike Johnson and Charles Miller, NanoRacks is a private company that develops products and services for commercial space applications. Some … Read More

Aircraft Design: 6 Things Companies Must Consider

Boeing alone manufactured approximately 700 airplanes per year — and that’s only from one company! There are dozens of other airplane manufacturers, all of whom produce aircraft. When these companies design aircraft, however, they must consider several things, some of … Read More