6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Boeing

Boeing is known throughout the world for its iconic commercial jets, including the 747, 777 and 787. The U.S.-based company designs and manufacturers aircraft that are sold to commercial airlines as well as private and government organizations alike. But while most people have at least heard of Boeing, few know the following facts about the company.

#1) It’s the World’s Largest Aerospace Company

With an annual revenue of $93.39 billion, Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company by revenue. Coming in second place is Airbus, which generates about $70.14 billion in annual revenue. The third-largest aerospace company is Lockheed Martin Corporation, followed by General Dynamics Corporation in fourth place.

#2) Boeing’s Everett Factory Is the World’s Largest Building

You might be surprised to learn that the world’s largest building by volume is Boeing’s Everett Factory. Located in the Washington city of its namesake, the Everett Factory spans a massive 98.7 acres. It’s not necessarily the tallest building in the world. When speaking about volume, though, there’s no single man-made building that’s bigger than Boeing’s Everett Factory.

#3) It Builds Satellites As Well

Some people assume that Boeing only builds jets, helicopters and other aircraft, but this isn’t necessarily true. While Boeing’s specialty focuses on aircraft, the company designs and builds a variety of other aerospace products, including satellites. In 2000, for example, Boeing acquired the satellite company Hughes Electronics. Since then, Boeing has been building satellites in the 702 satellite for other companies and government organizations.

#4) Boeing’s Founder Studied at Yale

According to Wikipeida, Boeing’s founder, William Boeing, studies at Yale University. William Boeing founded the aerospace company in 1916 using the knowledge gained while attending Yale University. At the same time, William Boeing was working in the timber industry, where he also gained woodworking knowledge that would later prove useful in the design of aircraft.

#5) It Built a Light Rail Vehicle

Another surprising fact about Boeing is that it build the U.S. Standard Light Rail Vehicle. Used in several U.S. cities, including San Francisco, Boston and Morgantown, the Standard Light Rail Vehicle is a transportation vehicle that travels on a fixed road-mounted rail system.

#6) It’s Developing Environmentally Friendly Planes Named After Muppets

No, that’s not a typo. Boeing is currently developing several environmentally friendly planes that are named after Muppet characters. The “Fozzie,” for example is a plane that features open rotors, whereas the “Kermit Kruiser” is a plane that produces less noise during operation while consuming less fuel in the process.