Aerospace Washers

Aerospace Washers Aircraft washers used in airframe repair are either plain, lock, or special type washers. Plain Washers Plain washers (figure 6-11), both the AN960 and AN970, are used under hex nuts. They provide a smooth bearing surface and act … Read More

Aerospace Rivets

Aerospace Rivets An aircraft, even though made of the best materials and strongest parts, would be of doubtful value unless those parts were firmly held together. Several methods are used to hold metal parts together; they include riveting, bolting, brazing, … Read More

Aerospace Bolts

Aerospace Bolts Aircraft bolts are fabricated from cadmium or zinc plated corrosion resistant steel, unplated corrosion resistant steel, and anodized aluminum alloys. Most bolts used in aircraft structures are either general purpose, AN bolts, or NAS internal wrenching or close … Read More