Boeing Signs Deal with Triumph

Boeing has signed a new memorandum of agreement with the aircraft manufacturer Triumph Group. Finalized earlier this month, the MOA aims to support Triumph’s work with Boeing, specifically in regards to the construction of commercial aircraft and defense aircraft, as … Read More

What is Turbulence?

Nearly every seasoned air traveler has experienced mid-flight turbulence at some point or another. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports that turbulence is the most common cause of injury to air passengers, with approximately 58 passengers sustaining injury each year. … Read More

Boeing Considering Move to Plano, Texas

Boeing may soon move its division headquarters to Plano, Texas, according to a new report by the Dallas Morning News. The report says that Boeing is considering moving is global services division to Plano after receiving word that the Plano … Read More

Uber Announces Plans for On-Demand Aircraft

After dominating the on-demand ridesharing business, Uber is already looking to expand its operations, this time going high in the skies. The company recently announced plans to develop a fleet of electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, which will … Read More

Boeing Announces Details on 737-10

Boeing has been relatively quiet regarding the release of its fourth version 737 MAX jet. Earlier this month, however, the company went public about a problem facing the massive jetliner: landing gear. Featuring seats for up to 189 passengers, the … Read More

Why Planes Take Off Into the Wind

As any experienced pilot knows, planes take off into the wind. Whether it’s a small cessna 172 or a massive Airbus A380, pilots typically take off into the wind instead of with it. Conventional wisdom may lead you to believe … Read More

Boeing and JetBlue Invest in Hybrid-Powered Jet

Two of the world’s leading commercial airplane manufacturers have invested in  Zunum Aero, a small company with big plans to develop a hybrid gas/electric-powered jet. This isn’t just any ordinary hybrid, however. According to reports, it’s capable of traveling for … Read More

Airbus Manages to Add 80 More Seats to its Biggest Jet

Airbus has somehow managed to squeeze 80 additional seats into its massive A380 jet. This places the double-decker’s new passenger capacity to an impressive 575 in a traditional three-class setup. When accounting for all economy class, however, the A380 can … Read More

Boeing and NASA to Launch New Space Station

Boeing and NASA have teamed up to build a next-generation space station that will orbit the area between Earth and the moon. Dubbed the “Deep Space Gateway,” the new space station will serve as a research hub so astronomers and … Read More