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5 Facts About Boeing’s Upcoming New Midsize Airplane (NMA)

5 Facts About Boeing’s Upcoming New Midsize Airplane (NMA)

As the world’s leading aerospace manufacturer, Boeing is constantly producing and releasing new airplanes. One of the Chicago-based manufacturer’s latest projects is the New Midsize Aircraft (NMA). Also known as the new Midsize Airplane, it was first announced by Boeing in 2017. Since then, it’s been a hot topic in the commercial aviation industry, with airlines wondering whether the NMA will be a smart investment for their fleet. While Boeing is still working on the NMA, there are a few facts about it that we already know.

#1) It Will Replace Other Midsize Jets

Boeing will continue to produce and sell other midsize jets, but the NMA is expected to replace many of these similar-sized jets. In 2018, Delta said it was considering the NMA as a replacement for its existing 757 and 767 jets. Other airlines have expressed similar sentiment, indicating that the NMA will likely replace other midsize jets.

#2) It Offers 40% Lower Trip Costs Than the 767, A300 and A330

Reports show that the NMA offers 40% lower trip costs on average than the Boeing 767 as well as the Airbus A300 and A330. One of the reasons for the NMA’s lower trip costs is its new, more fuel efficient engine. Boeing has said it will use a 5,000-pound turbofan engine with a 10-1 bypass ratio. Along with its lightweight yet durable airframe made of composites, the NMA will yield significantly lower trip costs for airlines.

#3) The Project Could Cost Up to $15 Billion

Boeing is going all in on the NMA. According to CNN, the aerospace manufacturer could spend up to $15 billion on the NMA project. So, how much is Boeing planning to sell the NMA for? The projected per-unit cost is $65 million to $75 million. Based on this price, experts believe it produce 30% more revenue for airlines than narrow-body jets, making it an undoubtedly smart investment.

#4) It’s Available in 2 Variants

The NMA will be produced in two variants. One variant will support up to 225 passengers with a 5,000-mile range, while the other variant will support up to 275 passengers with a 4,500-mile range.

#5) It’s Expected to Launch in 2020

It’s unknown when exactly Boeing will launch the NMA, but analysts believe it will likely occur sometime in 2020. Boeing had originally planned for an earlier launch date. When Rolls-Royce pulled out of a deal to build the NMA’s engine, though, the company was forced to push back its launch date. Nonetheless, experts predict that Boeing will officially launch the NMA in 2020.