6 Things You Didn’t Know About Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is the field of engineering associated with the design, development and manufacturing of both aircraft and spacecraft. It actually has two overlapping branches: aeronautical and astronautical engineering. The former refers to aircraft piloted within Earth’s atmosphere, while the … Read More

FAA Now Issuing Refunds for Drone Registrations

If you registered an unmanned aireal vehicle (UAV) with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), you may be entitled to a refund. Granted, not everyone is eligible, and the refund isn’t a substantial amount of money. Only those who registered their … Read More

Airbus Unveils New Cabin Design for the A320

When speaking in front of a crowd at the Pair Air Show, Airbus announced plans to redesign the cabin of its A320 airliners beginning in 2020. As explained in an article by CNN, the new design “borrows significantly from the … Read More

NASA to Test Asteroid-Deflection Project

Each year, tens of thousands of meteorites run a collision course with Earth. The good news is that most of these meteorites are small and burn up in the atmosphere before reaching land (or water). However, scientists believe asteroids with … Read More

Microsoft Billionaire Unveils the World’s Biggest Plane

The Airbus A380 is undoubtedly a massive plane. Featuring a double-deck body and four engines, it’s currently the world’s largest passenger airliner. However, there’s a new plane that’s even bigger. Developed by Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen’s company Stratolaunch, the new … Read More

Boeing Announces Plans to Test Self-Flying Planes

Self-driving cars have been a hot topic in recent years. Google, Apple, Tesla and other major tech companies are currently working to perfect the technology, which analysts believe is in the final stages. However, driver-less automation isn’t limited strictly to … Read More

NASA to Create Artificial Aurora Over Virginia

The Northern Lights, also known as the aurora or polar lights, is one of the most memorizing natural wonders in the world. Typically occurring between 3° to 6° wide in latitude and between 10° and 20° from the poles — … Read More

Airbus Announces New Predictive Maintenance System for 2018

Predictive maintenance systems are a critical component of modern-day aircraft. As explained in the white paper titled “Predictive maintenance benefits for the airline industry” by IBM, these systems are capable of identifying problems before they happen. Predictive maintenance lives up … Read More

Russia’s MC21 Faces Off Against Boeing

Boeing may have a competitor, as a new Russian jet has successfully completed its maiden test flight. While some industry analysts are skeptical of whether or not the new Russian MC-21 really poses a threat to Boeing, it’s still drawing … Read More