5 Facts About Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts

There are different ways to install threaded fasteners. Rather than driving them directly into a component, for instance, you can use a threaded insert. Threaded inserts are used extensively in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Also known as threaded bushings, they are tube-shaped inserts that are designed to accommodate a threaded fastener. With threaded inserts, you can add threaded holes to various components.

#1) Fixed Stripped Holes

Stripped holes are frustrating. When using fasteners in soft materials, such as wood, you may accidentally strip the threaded hole. Threaded fasteners, of course, will spin freely when turned inside of a stripped hole. A simple solution for a stripped hole is a threaded insert. You can place a threaded insert inside of a stripped hole to provide it with new, uniform threading.

#2) Available in Blind Styles

Threaded inserts are available in blind styles. Blind threaded inserts only require access to a single side during installation. You don’t need to access the front and back. Instead, you only need to access one side to install a blind threaded fastener. In the aerospace manufacturing industry, blind threaded fasteners are a popular choice because of their ease of installation.

#3) Made of Coiled Wire

You can find threaded inserts made of coiled wire. They consist of a single piece of coiled wire — typically either stainless steel or bronze — in a helical shape. Coiled wire threaded inserts such as these look like a spring. And like all threaded inserts, they feature threading. You can insert them inside of a hole so that it will support a bolt.

#4) Interior vs Exterior Threading

When shopping for threaded inserts, you should consider the location of the threading. All threaded inserts have interior threading. Interior threading is essentially what allows them to support a bolt. But there are some threaded inserts with exterior threading as well. With exterior threading, you can drive them into a separate threaded hole.

#5) Easy to Use

Threaded inserts are easy to use. There are different types of threaded inserts. Press-fit threaded inserts are characterized by a knurled exterior. You can install them simply by pressing them into a threaded hole. Potted threaded inserts require a similar installation method but with the use of epoxy. Threaded inserts with external threading, on the other hand, are installed by twisting them into a separate threaded hole. Regardless of the type, all threaded inserts are easy to install.

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