What Are Drill Stops and How Do They Work?

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Drilling too far into an object can often result in serious damage. If there’s another part behind the object, for instance, you may inadvertently strike it with the drill bit. There are products available, however, to prevent this from happening. Known as drill stops, they are a smart investment for consumers and businesses alike. If you use a drill on a regular basis, you may want to buy a drill stop.

Overview of Drill Stops

Drill stops are protective collars that are placed around a drill bit. They are designed to limit drilling depth. Without a drill stop, you may drill too deep, resulting in damage to the object or parts behind the object. A drill stop will prevent this from happening. When placed around a drill bit, a drill stop will limit the depth at which you can drill.

How Drill Stops Work

Drill stops work by creating spacing between the drill’s chuck and the drill bit. As shown in the photo above, they feature a simple design. Drill stops have a hollow center. You can insert a drill bit through the center of a drill stop. After adjusting and tightening the drill stop, you can then proceed to drill into the object.

Some drill stops have an adjustable length. In addition to tightening them, you can make them shorter or longer. Other drill stops have a fixed length, meaning you can’t make them shorter or longer.

While available in different types, all drill stops work the same. They create spacing between the chuck and the drill bit, thus limiting the depth at which you can drill into the object. If you’re worried about accidentally damaging the object or parts behind the object, you may want to use a drill stop. This sleeve-like drilling accessory will ensure that you don’t drill too deep

Tips on Using a Drill Stop

When using a drill stop, make sure it’s secure. A loose drill stop may fall off, in which case it will no longer prevent you from drilling too deep into the object. Drill stops must be secure to the drill bits with which they are used.

You can tighten a drill stop by inserting a key into a side hole and turning it. Before doing so, position the drill stop at the base of the drill bit. You can now tighten the drill stop so that it doesn’t fall off the drill bit.

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