Sun-Bound NASA Probe to Launch on August 11

NASA is planning to launch a new probe on August 11, 2018. In the past, most of the space agency’s probes have headed to nearby planets, such as Mars. This probe, however, is going somewhere different: the sun. Dubbed the … Read More

Airbus Begins Development of H160 Helicopter

Airbus is most known for its commercial jets, including the A320, but the aerospace manufacturing giant has its eyes set on a new aircraft: helicopters. Reports show that Airbus has begun development on its H160 helicopters at a factory in … Read More

Report: 790,000 Pilots Needed in Next 2 Decades

If you’re considering a career change and are passionate about flying, there’s no better time to become a pilot. According to a new report by aerospace manufacturer Boeing, 790,000 pilots will be needed in the next two decades. To put … Read More

Why Can’t Planes Take Off When It’s Hot Outside?

Statistics show that roughly 50% of all flight delays are attributed to control failures or malfunctions, while 30% involve bad weather. In certain regions, however, extreme heat can cause flight delays. Many people assume that planes can handle extreme heat. … Read More

Report: Boeing and SpaceX to Offer Space Transportation Services

It’s no secret that SpaceX is one of the top commercial aerospace manufacturing and space transportation companies. Founded by Elon Musk in 2002, the company has focused its efforts on developing a reusable launch system. And just last year, SpaceX … Read More

Airbus Develops Autonomous Midair Refueling System

Airbus has reportedly developed the world’s first autonomous midair refueling system. Of course, there are currently several midair refueling systems already in operation, most of which are used by the military. Airbus’ system differs, however, in the sense that it … Read More

FAA Says It Won’t Regulate Seat Space

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said that it won’t regulate seat space or legroom in commercial airliners. There’s been concern among passengers in recent years regarding the ever-shrinking seat space aboard commercial airliners. To fit more passengers, many … Read More

Boeing Partners With Embraer to Develop Joint Venture

American aerospace manufacturer Boeing has partnered with Embraer to launch a $4.75 billion joint venture. Under this new partnership, Embraer will implement many of Boeing’s processes, including manufacturing, maintenance and service options, to develop new products. It’s important to note … Read More

Are Windowless Airplanes on the Horizon?

When was the last time you flew in an airplane without windows? Commercial airliners today almost always have windows. It’s a common feature that improves passenger comfort and satisfaction while also increasing visibility for pilots and flight attendants. However, some … Read More