The Beginner’s Guide to Grommets: What You Should Know

When shopping for aerospace parts, you may come across grommets. Not to be confused with eyelets, they are used to create finished holes. There are different types of grommets. Some of them are made of plastic, whereas others are made … Read More

What Are Drain Valves and Why Do Airplanes Need Them?

Drain valves are small parts that play a big role in the safety and performance of modern airplanes. Most airplanes feature multiple drain valves. What are drain valves exactly, and why do airplanes need them? Overview of Drain Valves Drain … Read More

What Are Bushings? Here’s What You Should Know

Bushings aren’t used exclusively in automobiles. They are used in airplanes as well. Both rotary and jet engine airplanes feature bushings. While they are small and simple components, bushings play an important role in the function of airplanes. What are … Read More

An Introduction to AN Bolts and Why They Are Used in Airplanes

Threaded fasteners are a common component of nearly all airplanes. Wide-body commercial airplanes, in fact, have millions of threaded fasteners. While different airplanes are designed with different types of fasteners, many of them feature AN bolts. AN bolts are one … Read More

How Bonding Jumpers Are Used in Airplanes

When shopping for electrical components to use in an airplane, you may come across bonding jumpers. They are commonly used in most private and commercial airplanes. As shown in the adjacent photo, bonding jumpers feature a simple design consisting of … Read More

Tinnerman Nuts vs Tinnerman Washers: What’s the Difference?

When shopping for aerospace fasteners, you may come across Tinnerman nuts and Tinnerman washers. They are special types of fasteners that are used extensively in the aerospace industry. What Are Tinnerman Nuts? Also known as speed nuts, Tinnerman nuts rectangular-shaped … Read More

An Introduction to Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Fasteners come in many different styles. Some of them are simple, whereas others are more complex. Traditional bolts, for instance, feature a simple style consisting of a threaded shank and an expanded head. There are also quarter-turn fasteners, however. Quarter-turn … Read More

What Are Wire Caps and How Do They Work?

Wire caps offer a simple and effective way to connect wires. Regardless of the type, you can connect most small wires by using wire caps. They consist of cap-like parts with a conductive inner body. Upon placing the ends of … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Coupling Nuts

When shopping for aerospace fasteners, you may come across coupling nuts. Coupling nuts are commonly used in airplanes and other aerospace vehicles. They aren’t the same as traditional nuts, however. Coupling nuts live up to their namesake by connecting or … Read More