An Introduction to Nutplates: What You Should Know

Have you heard of nutplates? They are commonly used in aerospace manufacturing applications. Airplanes, for instance, are often built with nutplates. Nutplates create permanent and fixed nuts that support a threaded bolt. For a better understanding of nutplates, keep reading. … Read More

How is Locking Wire Used to Secure Fasteners?

Have you heard of locking wire? It’s used extensively in the aerospace and manufacturing industries to secure fasteners in place. Not all fasteners require locking wire. If a fastener is exposed to constant and/or forceful vibrations, however, this otherwise simple … Read More

What Are Lock Washers and How Do They Work?

When researching some of the different types of washers used in the aerospace industry, you may come across lock washers. They are fasteners used to distribute the load of a threaded bolt. Lock washers, however, go one step further. While … Read More

How is Aluminum Metal Anodized?

Accounting for approximately 8% of the Earth’s crust, aluminum is the world’s third-most abundant metal. In 2016, global production of aluminum reached an all-time high of 58.8 million tons — and there’s no signs of production slowing down anytime soon. … Read More

Worm Gear Clamps vs Spring Clamps: What’s the Difference?

Hoses are commonly used in both automobiles and airplanes. Consisting of rubber tubes, they are designed to carry liquid — coolant, oil, etc. — to different parts. When connecting a hose to a part, though, a clamp may be required. … Read More

How Airplanes Recharge Their Batteries During Flight

Batteries are an important part of most airplanes. Even if an airplane has combustion jet engines, it will likely feature a set of batteries. The Boeing 747, for instance, is equipped with two batteries. One of these batteries serves as … Read More

Blind Rivets: How They Work and Why They Are Used in Airplanes

Airplanes are complex vehicles that require many different parts to manufacture. Some reports, in fact, suggest that a typical Boeing 747 contains roughly 6 million parts. While some of these parts are structural panels, others are fasteners. Blind rivets are … Read More

How Rivets Are Used to Manufacture Airplanes

A lot of parts go into the construction of an airplane. A typical Boeing 747, for instance, has approximately 6 million parts. Of course, many of these parts are small. Most airplanes have thousands of small fasteners, with rivets being … Read More

What Are SPI Connects Connectors?

When shopping for cable connectors, you may come across SPI Connects. Many cable connectors for commercial airplanes and military vehicles are manufactured by SPI Connects. What are SPI Connects connectors exactly, and why you should choose them? Overview of SPI … Read More