Why Do Some Drill Bits Have a Hole in Them?

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Not all drill bits are solid. You may discover that some of them have a narrow hole running through the center of them. To the unsuspecting eye, they look like most other drill bits. If you look at the top or bottom, though, you’ll see a narrow hole running through these drill bits.

Installer Drill Bits Explained

Drill bits with a hole are known as installer drill bits. They feature a similar design as most other drill bits. Installer drills consist of a spiraled rod with a small hole.

The hole is typically found on the side of installer drill bits. It doesn’t interfere with their ability to create holes in workpieces and materials. Rather, the hole simply allows you to feed wires through installer drill bits. They are known as “installer drill bits” because they are used for wiring applications such as this.

How Installer Drill Bits Work

Installer drill bits work by creating circular holes in workpieces — just like most other drill bits. Using a powered tool, you can drive an installer drill bit into a workpiece. Due to its spiraled shape, the installer drill bit will create a hole by scooping out and removing material from the workpiece.

All installer drill bits have a hole in them. The presence of a small hole is essentially what distinguishes installer drill bits from other types of drill bits. It’s a subtle feature that can make a world of difference when installing wires.

To install a wire, you’ll first need to drill a hole in the workpiece. Next, pull the wire through the hole on the installer drill bit. You can then use the installer drill bit to draw the wire back through the workpiece’s hole.

Installing wires is a breeze; you just need to use the right drill bit. Installer drill bits are designed specifically for this purpose. They feature a small hole on the side, which you can use to install wires.

Some of the benefits of installer drill bits include the following:

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Made of heavy-duty carbon or stainless steel
  • Can drill through wood, drywall and other common materials
  • Easy to use
  • Works with nearly all types of power drills

In Conclusion

While most drill bits are solid, some of them have a hole on the side. Known as installer drill bits, they are commonly used to install wires.

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