What Is an Ultralight Aircraft?

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Have you heard of ultralight aircraft? Also known as microlight and light-sport aircraft, depending on the country, it encompasses small and lightweight airborne vehicles.

When most people think of aircraft, they envision jumbo-sized commercial airliners. While large airliners like the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 are popular types of aircraft, there are plenty of smaller and lighter aircraft available.

The Basics of Ultralight Aircraft

Ultralight aircraft is a category of aircraft that’s characterized by a small and lightweight design. They are typically used for sport and recreational purposes; most commercial airlines don’t operate ultralight aircraft.

The Ultralight Category Explained

There are different categories of aircraft recognized by aviation authorities throughout the world. In many countries, the term “ultralight aircraft” specifically refers to a single or two-seat fixed-wing airplane.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), however, doesn’t recognize the term “ultralight aircraft.” Instead, the FAA recognizes “light-sport aircraft.”

In the United States, light-sport aircraft consists of airplanes and other types of aircraft — not including helicopters or powered-lift aircraft — that meet certain criteria. According to the FAA, light-sport aircraft must have a maximum takeoff weight of no more than 1,320 pounds and a maximum stall speed of 45 knots. Light-sport aircraft must also have no more than two seats and a single engine.

Common Features of Ultralight Aircraft

Ultralight aircraft, as well as the FAA-recognized light-sport aircraft, share some common features. As their name suggests, they are lightweight. Some of them weigh just 500 or 600 pounds. To put that number into perspective, the Airbus A380 weighs a staggering 560 tons.

Ultralight aircraft have a minimal number of seats. They aren’t designed to transport passengers. Rather, ultralight aircraft are used for recreational and sport purposes, so they don’t require a lot of seats.

Another common feature of ultralight aircraft is a small engine or engines. Some of them have a two-stroke engine. Other ultralight aircraft have a four-stroke engine. Regardless, they feature a smaller engine or engines than their heavier counterparts.

With their small engine or engines, ultralight aircraft are typically slower than other types of aircraft as well. They lack the speed of larger, heavier airplanes. On the other hand, ultralight aircraft are more efficient than larger and heavier airplanes.

In Conclusion

Ultralight aircraft consists of compact, lightweight flying crafts intended for recreational and sports use. They attract aviation enthusiasts looking for cost-effective flying experiences. In the U.S., ultralight aircraft are referred to as “light-sport aircraft.”

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