What Are Tube-to-Hose Adapter Fittings?

Tube-to-hose adapter by Monroe

Most airplanes feature a variety of fluid- and gas-carrying conduits. They may feature tubes and hoses that carry oil, coolant, refrigerant, air and combustion gases.

Overview of Tube-to-Hose Adapter Fittings

Tube-to-hose adapter fittings are exactly what they sound like: fittings that are used to connect tubes to hoses. Tubes are typically made of a rigid material, whereas hoses are made of a more flexible and elastic material. Because they are designed differently, they don’t always fit together — at least not without the right fitting. Fortunately, there are tube-to-hose adapter fittings available. You can use tube-to-hose adapter fittings to create a strong and sealed connection between tubes and hoses.

Why Use Tube-to-Hose Adapter Fittings

If you need to connect a flexible hose to a rigid tube, you should consider using a tube-to-hose adapter fitting. They offer a simple and effective way to secure tubes and hoses together.

Tubes and hoses, of course, are commonly used to carry pressurized gas or pressurized fluid. As the gas or fluid inside of a tube or hose heats up, it will create pressure. Too much pressure can cause the gas or fluid to leak out of the conduit. Tube-to-hose adapter fittings, though, offer superior protection against leaks.

As shown in the photo above, tube-to-hose adapters have threading on one end. You can twist this exterior threading into the interior threading of a tube. Once connected to the tube, you can then connect the tube-to-hose adapter fitting to a hose. The tube goes on the threaded end, whereas the hose goes on the unthreaded end. Without threading, you can use a traditional hose clamp to secure the hose in place.

What to Look for When Choosing Tube-to-Hose Adapter Fittings

Tube-to-hose adapter fittings are available in different materials. When shopping for tube-to-hose adapter fitting, check to ensure that it’s made of a strong, corrosion-resistant material. Aluminum is a popular choice for tube-to-hose adapter fittings. It’s strong, durable, lightweight and offers a high level of protection against corrosion.

You should choose tube-to-hose adapter fittings in the right size. Pay attention to both the tube outside diameter as well as the hose inside diameter. They must accommodate the tubes and hoses with which you intend to use the tube-to-hose adapter fittings.

Something else to consider when choosing tube-to-hose adapter fittings is the thread size. Like with other threaded fittings, some tube-to-hose adapter fittings have coarse threads, whereas others have fine threads.

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