What Are Tee Fittings?

Tee fitting

Fittings are commonly used to join multiple sections of tubes or pipes. They function as connectors. You can install a fitting between two pipes, for instance, to join them. While there are many different types of fittings, one of the most common is tee.

The Basics of Tee Fittings

Tee fittings are characterized by their T shape. As shown in the photo above, they feature three branches: one in the middle and two on the side. With the center branch being perpendicular to the side branches, tee fittings are shaped like the letter T. Tee fittings are commonly used in plumbing, water and fluid systems.

How Tee Fittings Work

Tee fittings are designed to join multiple sections or tubes or pipes. Most of them are threaded. There are tee fittings with external threading, such as those depicted in the photo above, and there are tee fittings with internal threading. Using this threading, you can join sections of tubes or pipes to a tee fitting.

It’s important to note that tee fittings function as branch connectors. They can take a single line and turn it into two outlets. The center branch is the main line, whereas the two branches on the side are the outlets.

Equal vs Reducing Tee Fittings

Most tee fittings fall under one of two categories: equal or reducing. Equal tee fittings feature openings of equal diameter. All three openings are essentially the same size.

Reducing tee fittings feature openings of different sizes. With reducing tee fittings, the single inlet in the center has a larger diameter than the two outlets on the side. Reducing tee fitting gs are used to divert the flow of water or fluid from a large tube or pipe to two smaller tubes or pipes.

Tee Fitting Materials

You can find tee fittings made of different materials. One of the most common materials in which they are made is aluminum. Aluminum tee fittings are lightweight, workable and highly resistant to corrosion.

In addition to aluminum, there are copper tee fittings. Copper tee fittings are more durable than aluminum tee fittings, but they also cost more. Copper tee fittings are also heavier, which may limit the applications for which they can be used.

In Conclusion

Tee fittings are vital components in many plumbing, water and fluid systems. Also known simply as tees, they are connectors shaped like the letter T.

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