Use Cable Cutters, Not a Knife, for Cable

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You shouldn’t use a knife to cut cable. Instead, you should use cable cutters. Cable cutters offer a safer, easier way to cut through otherwise thick wire rope.

What Are Cable Cutters?

Cable cutters are handheld cutting tools that are designed specifically for cable. As shown in the adjacent photo, they look like a pair of pliers. Cable cutters feature a pair of handles that, when squeezed, will close the jaws at the end. You can use them to cut cable by placing the cable in the jaws, followed by squeezing the handle.

Here are some things to consider when choosing cable cutters:

  • Handle style
  • Cutter diameter
  • Weight
  • Maximum size of cable

Easily Cut Through Cable

You’ll have an easier time cutting through cable using cable cutters than a knife. Knives feature a single, fixed blade. To cut through cable, you’ll have to press the knife against the exterior of the cable. Cable cutters offer an easier solution.

Cable cutters essentially feature two blades. There’s a blade on the top of the jaws, and another blade on the bottom of the jaws. Rather than pressing cable cutters against the exterior of the cable, you just need to position the cable in the jaws. As the jaws close, the two curved blades will collapse while simultaneously cutting through the cable.

Protection From Bodily Injury

You don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting or otherwise injuring yourself when using cable cutters. Knives can slip when pressed against the exterior of cable or other objects. If the knife slips, it may strike your hand, resulting in bodily injury.

Using a knife to cut cable isn’t just tedious; it’s dangerous. Cable cutters offer a safer solution. There’s little or no risk of slippage because you don’t have to press them against the exterior cable. Cable cutters are designed to cut though cable placed in their jaws. You can squeeze the handle to collapse and close the jaws.

Supports Thick Cable

Another reason to use cable cutters and not a knife is because they support thick cable. Some of them support cable measuring up to one-quarter inch in diameter.

It’s difficult to cut through thick cable using a knife. Knives aren’t designed to cut through cable, nor should they be used for cable-cutting applications. Regardless of the thickness, you should use cable cutters. Cable cutters offer an easier, safer solution for cutting through cable.

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