The Benefits of Crimp Splice Connectors

Crimp splice connector

You don’t have to rely on soldering or heat shrink tubing to join electrical wires. There are other solutions available, such as crimp splice connectors. Also known as butt splice connectors, they consist of an insulated outer sleeve and a conductive inner piece.

Crimp splice connectors, of course, require crimping. You can use them by stripping the ends of two wires, followed by inserting the newly exposed ends in a crimp splice connector. Once positioned correctly, you can then use a crimping tool to compress the connector. Here are some of the top benefits of crimp splice connectors.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Crimp splice connectors are durable and long-lasting. They are designed to permanently join two wires via crimp-based compression. After installing a crimp splice connector, the two wires won’t separate. The crimping tool will deform the conductive inner piece so that electricity can flow through the two wires uninterrupted.


Crimp splice connectors are versatile. They are commonly used in consumer electronics, such as stereo and home entertainment systems. Crimp splice connectors, however, are used in commercial applications as well, such as marine, telecommunications and even aviation electrical systems.

Available in Multiple Sizes

While they all require the use of a crimping tool to install, there are different types of crimp splice connectors. You can find them in different sizes. The size of a crimp splice connector represents the gauge or thickness of the wires with which it can be used. You’ll need to choose a crimp splice connector in a size that’s compatible with the wires that you intend to join. The gauge of the wire should fall within the gauge range supported by the connector.

No Heat Required

Another benefit of crimp splice connectors is the fact that they don’t require heat to install. As long as you have a crimping tool, you can use them. The same can’t be said for other types of connectors. You’ll have to use a heat gun, for instance, to install heat shrink connectors. Too much heat can melt or otherwise damage wires. Rather than taking this risk, you can play it safe by using crimp splice connectors.


Crimp splice connectors are cost-effective. They cost less than many other types of connectors. Most importantly perhaps, crimp splice connectors are easy to install. You can quickly and easily install them. This makes them even more cost-effective by lowering the labor costs associated with installing them.

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