The Beginner’s Guide to Cleco Fasteners

Cleco fastener

Cleco fasteners are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Like most other types of fasteners, they are designed to hold parts together. Cleco fasteners, however, aren’t designed for permanent fastening applications. Rather, they are typically used to temporarily hold parts together.

What Are Cleco Fasteners?

Cleco fasteners are cylindrical, spring-enclosed fasteners that are designed to temporarily hold parts together. They work with a variety of materials, including sheet metal. Airplanes, of course, often feature sheet metal panels. Cleco fasteners can hold these sheet metal panels together until the manufacturer is able to permanently fasten them.

How Cleco Fasteners Work

As shown in the photo above, cleco fasteners consist of a cylindrical body. Within this body is a spring. On the end of cleco fasteners is a plunger that connects to the spring.

Cleco fasteners are designed for use in holes. You can’t just push them through a hole, however. To install cleco fasteners, you’ll have to use a special handheld tool. The tool will engage the spring-loaded plunger. You can position a cleco fastener over a hole, after which you can use the tool to engage the spring-loaded plunger. The cleco fastener’s locking jaws will then enter the hole.

Benefits of Cleco Fasteners

For a temporary fastening solution, look no further than cleco fasteners. Traditional fasteners aren’t designed for temporary fastening solutions; most of them are designed for permanent fastening solutions. Cleco fasteners feature a unique design that makes them ideal for temporary fastening applications. You can use cleco fasteners to hold parts together until you are able to install permanent fasteners on the parts.

Cleco fasteners are also easy to install. As long as you have the appropriate tool, you can quickly and easily install them. You don’t have to twist them, nor do you have to use any adhesive. Installing cleco fasteners is a breeze with this special handheld tool.

Another benefit of cleco fasteners is the simple fact that they are reusable. Cleco fasteners aren’t one-time use. You can use the same cleco fastener multiple times. All cleco fasteners are reusable. After removing a cleco fastener and replacing it with a permanent fastener, you don’t have to discard it. You can reuse the cleco fastener for other temporary fastening applications in the future.

As you can see, cleco fasteners offer many benefits. You can use them for temporary fastening applications; they are easy to install; and cleco fasteners are reusable.

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