Step Drill Bits: An Innovative Alternative to Standard Drill Bits

Step drill bit by Monroe

If you’re tired of constantly swapping out drill bits for different sizes, you should consider investing in a step drill bit. They work with nearly all types of power drills. You can place a step drill bit in the chuck of your power drill, and after tightening the chuck, you can proceed to drill holes with it. Step drill bits, however, feature a canonical design that distinguishes them from other types of drill bits.

What Is a Step Drill Bit?

A step drill bit is characterized by multiple steps, each of which represents a different hole size. It doesn’t feature a uniform shape. Rather, step drill bits are canonical. Step drill bits are long, canonical bits that have multiple steps.

You can see an example of a step drill bit in the photo above. Developed by Unibit, this popular step drill bit is capable of drilling holes in nine different sizes.

Benefits of Using a Step Drill Bit

With a step drill bit, you won’t have to manage a bunch of different drill bits. Standard drill bits, of course, only offer a single hole size. You can’t use a standard drill bit to create two or more holes in different sizes. You can, however, use a step drill bit.

All step drill bits support holes in multiple sizes. They feature a canonical design with multiple sections or steps. And each of these sections represents a different hole size. The first step will create the smallest hole. As you move farther up the step drill bit, the hole will become larger.

Step drill bits are commonly used on sheet metal. You can drill holes into sheet metal using a step drill bit. Depending on the particular type of step drill bit, you may need to punch a hole in the sheet metal beforehand. Some step drill bits require a hole puncher for sheet metal, whereas others do not. Regardless, most step drill bits can create clean holes in sheet metal.

Step drill bits are durable. They are often made of high-quality metal, such as stainless steel or carbon steel. Standard drill bits, on the other hand, may or may not be made of high-quality metal. There are cheap, low-quality drill bits available that are prone to breaking. Even when using them on wooden workpieces, they may break. Step drill bits are protected from damage such as this because they are made of stainless steel or carbon steel.

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