Report: 790,000 Pilots Needed in Next 2 Decades

If you’re considering a career change and are passionate about flying, there’s no better time to become a pilot. According to a new report by aerospace manufacturer Boeing, 790,000 pilots will be needed in the next two decades. To put that number into perspective, there are currently about 345,000 pilots operating. Therefore, the aerospace giant predicts pilot demand to double within just 20 years.

When speaking about the report, Boeing’s Keith Cooper explained that air traffic controllers were once in shortage but their numbers have turned around. “Despite strong global air traffic growth, the aviation industry continues to face a pilot labor supply challenge, raising concern about the existence of a global pilot shortage in the near-term,” said Boeing’s Keith Cooper.

So, how did Boeing come to the conclusion that 790,000 pilots would be needed in the next two decades? Boeing says it uses data from commercial airline and civil helicopter markets. After analyzing the numbers, it found that nearly 800,000 pilots would be needed to fill the demand within the next 20 years.

But just because the need for pilots is increasing, this doesn’t necessarily mean that other aviation professions are experiencing the same results. For example, the report found that demand for aviation maintenance technicians had decreased from 648,000 to 622,000. The demand for crew, however, increased by roughly 19,000.

A number of factors are influencing the demand for pilots, one of which is increased air travel. As more people travel via commercial airliner than driving, pilots will be needed to fill this void. It’s also worth mentioning that the global population is increasing. Even if the percentage of people who fly remains stable, the world’s increasing population will create a stronger demand for pilots.

As demand for commercial aviation pilots increases, this profession will likely become more lucrative. According to Chron, commercial pilots currently earn a median salary of $130,059 per year. Conventional wisdom, however, should lead you to believe that this number will increase in response to the rising demand for pilots.

Boeing has cemented itself as a leading aerospace manufacturer in recent years. Although it’s based in the United States, the company operates in more than 150 countries throughout the world. Part of the reason for its success is Boeing’s ability to predict and respond to market changes. And Boeing’s latest prediction indicates a strong demand for commercial pilots in the near future. Airline companies should heed this warning by taking a proactive approach to finding and hiring new pilots.