How to Measure Rivets With a Cherry Gauge

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Rivets are one of the most common types of fasteners used in airplanes. Airplanes still have screws and bolts, many of their components are secured with rivets. Rivets don’t have the same type of threaded body as screws and bolts. More importantly, they are designed to permanently secure two or more components together. Depending on which type of rivets are planning to use, though, you may want to invest in a Cherry Gauge.

What Is a Cherry Gauge?

A cherry gauge is a simple measuring tool for Cherrymax and Cherrylock rivets. Like all rivets, Cherrymax and Cherrylock rivets are permanent fasteners. Rivets consist of a solid head — the head doesn’t have a recess — as well as a stem. During installation, the stem will typically expand or collapse, thereby holding the rivet in place.

Cherrymax and Cherrylock are specific types of rivets. When installing them, you’ll need to ensure the stem is correctly sized for the components with which they are used. A cherry gauge will allow you to determine the necessary size. Cherry gauges are measuring tools that will reveal the necessary stem size of Cherrymax and Cherrylock rivets.

The Purpose of a Cherry Gauge

It’s important to note that cherry gauges are used to measure the holes for Cherrymax and Cherrylock rivets. Cherrymax and Cherrylock rivets are installed in holes. You can place one of these rivets in a hole to permanently hold one or more components together. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping the rivet is the right size, though, you can use a cherry gauge to measure the hole.

Steps to Using a Cherry Gauge

To use a cherry gauge, simply place the gauge hook into the hole until it grips the side of the hole, after which you can carefully pull back. You can then inspect the side of the cherry gauge to determine the necessary stem size.

The gauge hook features ruler measurements on the side. The line at which the gauge hook stops is the stem size required for the hole. Just place the gauge hook into a given hole, pull back on it, and then you can check the measurement on the side.

In Conclusion

If you regularly use Cherrylock or Cherrymax rivets, you may want to invest in a cherry gauge. There’s no easier way to determine what stem size you need. With a cherry gauge, you measure holes to find the necessary stem size when using Cherrylock or Cherrymax rivets.

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