Blind Rivet Nuts: 6 Things You Need to Know

When shopping for aerospace fasteners, you may come across blind rivet nuts. They are commonly used in the construction of airplanes, helicopters and other types of aircraft. Here are six things you need to know about blind rivet nuts and how they work.

#1) Only Requires Access to a Single Side

To install a blind rivet nut, you only need to access a single side of the parts with which you intend to use it. Blind rivet nuts are fasteners. Like all other fasteners, they are used to secure multiple parts together. Blind rivet nuts, however, only require access to a single side of the parts.

#2) Popular Alternative to Weld Nuts

Blind rivets nuts have become a popular alternative to weld nuts. Weld nuts are fasteners are well. As their name suggests, they are designed to be welded onto parts. The problem with weld nuts is that they may damage the parts with which they are used. Blind rivet nuts don’t require heat to install, so they won’t cause heat-related damage.

#3) Permanent Fasteners

Blind rivet nuts are classified as permanent fasteners. There are temporary fasteners, and there are permanent fasteners. Temporary fasteners can be removed after installation, whereas permanent fasteners cannot be removed after installation. Blind rivet nuts fall under the latter category. Once installed, they will continue to secure the parts with which they are used together.

#4) Available in 2 Styles

There are two primary styles of blind rivet nuts. They both consist of cylindrical pieces of metal, and they both require the use of a screw. One style simply expands and bulges as a screw is driven into it. The other style features a sleeve that supports a screw without expanding or bulging.

#5) Supports a Variety of Materials

You can use blind rivet nuts on a variety of materials. Whether a set of parts are made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, composite, fiberglass or even plastic, you can probably secure them together using blind rivet nuts.

#6) Used to Attach Aircraft Components

In the aerospace manufacturing industry, blind rivet nuts are commonly used to attach aircraft components. Inspection access covers, for instance, are often attached with blind rivet nuts. Inspection access covers consist of removable covers that technicians can use to inspect an airplane. In addition to inspection access covers, blind rivet nuts are used to attach static dischargers. Also known as static wicks, static dischargers are devices that discharge static electricity on airplanes.

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