An Introduction to Clevis Pins: What You Should Know

Clevis pins by Monroe

Airplanes often require special types of fasteners. While most airplanes still have bolts, many of them have clevis pins as well. Clevis pins are fasteners that, like other types of fasteners, are used to secure parts. They don’t feature threading, however. Instead, clevis pins consist of smooth, cylindrical fasteners.

What Are Clevis Pins?

Clevis pins are pin-shaped fasteners that are used in conjunction with a U-shaped fastener known as a clevis. You can see an example of a pair of clevis pins in the adjacent photo. Clevis pins are available in different materials, finishes, sizes and styles. Nonetheless, they are all pin-shaped fasteners that are used in conjunction with a clevis.

Why should you use clevis pins exactly? Some of the top benefits of clevis pins include the following:

  • Allows objects to move
  • Absorbs lateral stress
  • Eliminates the risk of loosening due to vibrations
  • Available in strong and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Easy to install and remove

How Clevis Pins Work

Clevis pins work by securing and closing the open end of a clevis. As previously mentioned, a clevis is a U-shaped fastener. It features holes on the ends, allowing it to support a clevis pin.

You can use a clevis pin by inserting it through the holes on a clevis. Doing so will essentially close off the clevis. The clevis will no longer be open. Rather, it will feature a clevis that closes it off.

After inserting a clevis pin through the clevis, you’ll need to secure it. Both clevises and clevis pins have holes in them. The holes in clevis pins are designed to support a separate pin or twist. You can insert a split pin through the holes, for instance. A split pin will secure the clevis pin to the clevis. Alternatively, you can insert a twist tie through the holes.

The combination of a clevis and clevis pin — along with a separate pin — creates a shackle. You can hook objects to the clevis pin. As long as it’s connected to the clevis, the clevis pin will provide a suitable shackle point.

In Conclusion

Clevis pins are fasteners that are used in conjunction with a clevis. They look like most other pins, but they have a small hole at the end. When you place a clevis pin through a clevis, you’ll typically need to secure it. You can secure the clevis pin by inserting a split pin or twist through this hole.

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