6 Facts About the Commercial Aviation Industry

The commercial aviation industry plays an important role in our daily lives. Even if you rarely fly, you may purchase or consume products that are shipped via a commercial airline. Commercial airlines provide flight services so that products can reach consumers more quickly. Below are six fun facts about the commercial aviation industry.

#1) Fleet Size Expected to Double

By 2039, the cumulative fleet size among commercial airlines is expected to nearly double. Statistics show that commercial airlines had about 26,000 airplanes in service last year. Within the next two decades, experts predict this number will grow to over 48,000.

#2) 737-800 Is the Most Common Commercial Airplane

While commercial airlines use a variety of airplanes, none are more common than the 737-800. Developed by Boeing, the 737-800 has become synonymous with the commercial aviation industry. Boeing released it in September 1994. Since then, the 737-800 has been purchased and used by countless commercial airlines.

#3) Average Speed of 450 to 550 mph

You might be surprised to learn just how fast commercial airplanes fly. When sitting in a passenger seat, it may feel like the airplane is barely moving. In reality, though, it’s zooming through the air — and it’s doing so very quickly. Most commercial airplanes have an average cruising speed of 450 to 550 mph.

#4) Average Altitude of 31,000 to 38,000 Feet

Commercial airplanes, of course, fly at high altitudes. The higher the altitude, the thinner the air. With thin air, there’s less resistance acting against commercial airplanes, which allows them to fly with greater ease. With that said, commercial airplanes must avoid flying too high. Otherwise, there won’t be a sufficient amount of air present for them to generate lift. This is why most commercial airplanes have a cruising altitude of 31,000 to 38,000 feet.

#5) Hartsfield-Jackson Is the Busiest Airport

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Hartsfield-Jackson holds the title of being the world’s busiest airport. In 2019, over 110 million passengers went through Hartsfield-Jackson. It’s estimated that over 900,000 flights either take off or land here per year. As a result, Hartsfield-Jackson is considered the world’s busiest airport.

#6) Average Age Is 10 Years

Most commercial airplanes aren’t brand new, nor are they are particularly old. The average age of a commercial airplane is about 10 years. Long-range airplanes are typically younger than their short-range counterparts. Some commercial airlines use the same short-range airplanes for 20 years. When accounting for entire fleets, though, the average age of a commercial airplane is about 10 years.