6 Facts About Clipnuts You Need to Know

Clipnut by Monroe

When shopping for aerospace fasteners, you may come across clipnuts. They are commonly used in airplanes and other types of aircraft. Like traditional nuts, clipnuts feature a threaded hole that supports a bolt. Clipnuts, however, feature a unique design that distinguishes them from all other nuts. Here are six facts about clipnuts you need to know.

#1) Also Known as Speed Nuts

Clipnuts are also known as speed nuts. This is because clipnuts can be installed more quickly than traditional nuts. You don’t need any special tools. Thanks to their clip-based design, you can quickly and easily install clipnuts by clipping them in place.

#2) Can Be Clipped Onto Sheet Metal

While they can be used in many different applications, clipnuts are often clipped onto sheet metal. As long as you are working with a relatively thin piece of sheet metal, it will likely support one or more clipnuts. Just pull the clipnut open, followed by attaching it to the side of the sheet metal where a predrilled hole is located.

#3) Available in Different Materials

You can find clipnuts made of different materials. Some of them are made of steel, whereas others are made of aluminum. Steel clipnuts are typically stronger than their aluminum counterparts. Aluminum clipnuts, however, are lighter and less expensive.

#4) Acts as a Locking Washer and Nut

Clipnuts function as both a locking washer and nut. They will distribute the load of the bolt or threaded fastener with which they are used, thereby protecting the sheet metal from stress-related damage. At the same time, clipnuts provide a stable and secure threaded hole for the bolt or threaded fastener.

#5) Multiple Styles

In addition to being made of different materials, you can find clipnuts in different styles. Some of the most common styles include G-nut, J-nut and S-nut. G-nut clipnuts are characterized by a G-like shape, whereas J-nut and S-nut clipnuts feature a J- and S-like shape, respectively. They all feature a threaded hole, but each style has a unique shape.

#6) Easy to Remove

Clipnuts aren’t permanent. Regardless of the style, you can easily remove them. If you need to perform maintenance on a particular part, you can take out the bolt or threaded fastener, followed by removing the clipnut from the sheet metal.

You can’t go wrong with clipnuts. They provide a dependable and effective threaded attachment point for sheet metal.

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