5 Things to Consider When Choosing Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamps aren’t used exclusively in homes amd buildings. You can find them in airplanes as well. Incandescent lamps are bulbs that leverage a filament within a glass housing to generate light. As electricity flows through the conductive filament, it will illuminate. All incandescent lamps use this same incandescent technology to produce light, but they are available in different types.

#1) Size

Like with other bulb types, incandescent bulbs are available in different sizes. There are miniature incandescent bulbs, for instance, and there are subminiature incandescent bulbs. They are both small, but subminiature is the smallest. Regardless, you’ll need to choose incandescent bulbs in the right size

#2) Standard vs Sealed Beam

Are you looking for standard incandescent bulbs or sealed beam? They both involve incandescent technology, but they aren’t the same. Standard incandescent bulbs are the most common. As shown in the photo above, they feature a glass housing that contains a conductive filament.

Sealed beam incandescent bulbs feature a similar glass housing with a conductive filament, but they also have a larger assembly. The glass housing is placed inside of a larger, more protective assembly that’s sealed.

#3) Shape

You should consider the shape when choosing incandescent lamps. Contrary to popular belief, not all incandescent bulbs are dome-shaped. Dome-shaped incandescent bulbs are common, but you can find them in other shapes as well. There are pill-shaped incandescent bulbs, for example. In the aerospace manufacturing industry, pill-shaped incandescent bulbs are commonly used for indicator lights in the cockpit and elsewhere.

#4) Weight

If you’re planning to use them on an airplane or other vehicle, you should consider the weight when choosing incandescent bulbs. All incandescent bulbs feature a conductive filament within a glass housing. Nonetheless, some of them are made with heavier materials than others.

#5) Price

You should consider the price when choosing incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps typically cost less than other types of lamps, including light-emitting diode (LED). This makes them a popular choice among businesses and consumers alike. But the price of an incandescent bulb may still vary. Some of them cost less than $1 apiece, whereas others cost over $3 apiece.

Keep in mind that you may be able to save money by purchasing incandescent lamps in bulk. Suppliers often offer discounts on bulk purchases. And if you’re planning to use them in an airplane, you may need to purchase multiple incandescent lamps.

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