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5 Facts About the Airbus A321XLR

5 Facts About the Airbus A321XLR

Have you heard of the A321XLR? It’s a narrow-body commercial jet developed by Airbus. The A321XLR is part of the A321 family, which has been around since the early to mid-1990s. It was introduced with Lufthansa, after which it was purchased by nearly a dozen other airlines. While the A321XLR may look like similar commercial jets in Airbus’s A320 family, it has several features that distinguish it from the rest. Below are five facts about the A321XLR.

#1) 30% More Fuel Efficient

According to Airbus, the A321XLR is 30% more fuel efficient than the previous generation of narrow-body commercial jets developed by Airbus’s competitors. How did Airbus make the A321XLR so fuel efficient exactly? In addition to a more streamlined design, the A321XLR features new engine configurations. It’s available with either LEAP-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines, both of which are known for their high level of efficiency.

#2) Longest Range Narrow-Body Jet

Because it’s more fuel efficient than other narrow-body commercial jets, the A321XLR is capable of flying longer distances. The A321XLR, in fact, has the longest range of all narrow-body commercial jets on the market. It’s capable of flying up to 4,700 nautical miles. That’s 15% longer than the A321LR.

#3) Used as an Alternative to Wide-Body Jets

Many commercial airlines use the A321XLR as an alternative to wide-body jets. Transatlantic flights require the use of commercial jets that are capable of flying long distances. Prior to the advent of the A321XLR, there weren’t many narrow-body jets that were capable of performing transatlantic flights. The A321XLR offered a solution. With its 4,700 nautical mile-range, it’s a narrow-body commercial jet that can perform transatlantic flights.

#4) Over 2,000 Delivered

To say the A321XLR has been popular among commercial airlines would be an understatement. Although it’s only been around since the early to mid-1990s, the A321XLR has made a name for itself in the commercial aviation industry. Reports show that Airbus has delivered over 2,000 A321XLR units to various commercial airlines. Airbus’s biggest customer for this fuel-efficient, long-range commercial jet is American Airlines, which has purchased and received 248 A321XLR units.

#5) Latest Variant of the A321 Group

The A321XLR is the latest variant of Airbus’s A321 group. All of the variants are part of Airbus’s A321 family. Nonetheless, the A321XLR is the latest variant to be included in the A321 group. Other A321 variants include the A321-100, A321-200, A321neo and A321LR. Airbus, however, didn’t launch the A321XLR until June 2019 during the Paris Air Show. As a result, it’s the latest variant of the A321 group.