5 Benefits of Quarter-Turn Fasteners

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Fasteners aren’t limited to nuts and bolts. There are many other types of fasteners available, such as quarter-turn fasteners. Also known as quick-release fasteners, they are easy to use. You can quickly install them, and you can quickly remove them. Here are the top five benefits of quarter-turn fasteners that make them a popular choice among businesses.

#1) Not Permanent

While some fasteners are permanent, others are not. Quarter-turn fasteners fall under the latter category. You can rest assured knowing that they aren’t permanent. Maybe you install a quarter-turn fastener in the wrong place, or perhaps you need to access the part or parts with which it’s used. Since they aren’t permanent, you can remove quarter-turn fasteners after installing them.

#2) Easy to Use

Quarter-turn fasteners are easy to use. They don’t require any special tools. Most quarter-turn fasteners only require a basic screwdriver. As shown in the photo above, they feature a spring-loaded bolt. Using a basic screwdriver, you can turn the enclosed bolt until it locks in place.

#3) Available in Multiple Styles

You can find quarter-turn fasteners available in multiple styles, such as quarter-turn, push-turn and push-push. Each style uses a different method of operation. Quarter-turn means you need to turn one-quarter of the way around during installation. Push-turn means you need to push and turn them during installation.

#4) Secure

Quarter-turn fasteners are highly secure. As fasteners, they are used to join two or more parts. Other fasteners, however, may loosen over time. Exposure to vibrations can cause traditional fasteners to separate from the parts with which they are used. Quarter-turn fasteners are protected from vibration- and shock-related loosening. They offer a secure connection by holding the parts together.

#5) Fast

There’s a reason why they are also known as quick-release fasteners: you can install and remove them very quickly. Regardless of the specific style, you can typically install and remove them in just seconds. As previously mentioned, they don’t require any special tools. As long as you have a basic screwdriver with the appropriate drive type — flat head, Phillips head, etc. — you can install and remove a quarter-turn fastener.

In Conclusion

Quarter-turn fasteners are commonly used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. They are fasteners that leverage a spring-loaded bolt to hold two or more parts together. Some of the benefits of quarter-turn fasteners include them not being permanent, easy to use, available in multiple styles, secure and fast.

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